Happy New Year!

Before i start my post,

I would like to wish all Chinese, A Happy Lunar New Year!!

Hope you guys enjoy the special moments!!

For other races, Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Hope you enjoy this long weekend!

Oh oh oh, This year will be a special year.

Why? - Because this year's Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year fall on the same day!!

Its gonna be a special moments for those couples, as they can VISIT each other's family, at the same time, can go for some Erm hum.. dating session,Haha...

But sadly, for some, they are unable to accompany their partner for this event...

Well,just wanna wish all : " Happy New Year! And Happy Valentine's Day!! "


Went for a blogshop photoshoot last Tuesday,

It turns out to be quite fun, I had really enjoyed my shoots with the owner.

Erm, a little bit disappointed, because it does not turns out to be the one i really love,

Maybe due to my bad state that day? LOL.. Anyway, I'm still happy with the final results.

Hope to have more chance to be engaged by them again. LOL..

didn't really went out for the next few days,

was busy spring clearing my room,

the rubbish seems to be never-ending !!

So i told myself that I would not anyhow buy things again!!

And must clear my room Frequently! LOL..

Gonna end my post here, so yeah, Happy New year~

Update again tml :)

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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