Happy new year everyone!!!

Did you guys enjoy your holidays this few days?

Well, for me, i did!

Went to Sing K with my darling carol on the first day of new year!

Yeah, its been so long since i went for a sing..

Ahaha... Spent few hours there, after that walked home!

I enjoyed the process of walking home,

Because, to me, that is when i can really have a heart to heart talk with,

A time where by i can really think alot of things...

Hmm... well, of course, daddy was worried for the whole night,

'cos i didn't tell him that i will be going out =x

Anyway, stay home the whole day today,

With a little bit of loss voice and cough,

Hopefully can get better soon!

Suppose to go boat quey to find Mr Alvin,

But ended up i pang seh him,

Erm, sorry la Alvin, next time i join you guys okay ^^

Enjoy yourself today!

Going to sleep soon, so good night people!!!

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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