Miss me?

Hey guys!

How was your Chinese New Year ?

Bet you guys received enjoyed yourselves yeah?

This year was rather a special year for most of us.

You might be wondering why right?

Its because this year's Chinese New Year crashes with Valentine's day~

Awww, many of you might enjoy this special day,

but for me, [ which i suppose the rest of the singles ] are freaking bored yeah?

Haha, anyway, i was staying at home for those few days,

As i [ to be frank ] is on the budget side~

Well, but nevertheless, i still enjoyed myself!

Been busy going out since last friday! [laughs]

Been bai nian-ing with relatives,mummy and friends..

Headed down to this event :

Its a Lunar dinner :) and oh ya, the temporary toilet there its so freaking disgusting~

EEWWWW! Need to queue up for the toilet siia,

and the queue is never-ending one! -.-

Some more the toilet like mal-function like that!

[ Imagine you cant even flush the toilet after using, and its like after 123456789+ people using it~ [ omg, hair stand liao!]

Went up to the carpark and took the picture as above.. i can tell you, its really damned alot of people lo~ Anyone saw me? LOL...

Next, headed down to bai nian with the relatives the following day [Sunday],

So bored can! Imagine from my place to Hougang, arrgghh.. what ever,

Well, poor me, i injured my picky finger!!!! T.T

All thanks to someone la~ Hais,

my poor injured finger that is hurting me so much T.T on Twitpic

Luckily i stop the blood from bleeding ....

But now, it causes real lot of inconveniences~

Gonna end my post here liao!

Will be posting up advert soon =]

Stay tuned!

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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