Fallen sick!!!

     Had been neglecting my blog for a week. Well, i was away from Singapore last week and just came back last Sunday only. Tons of things happen during the trip. Things that made me cry, made me hurt, well, shall not say so much here, anyway its over and i'm back to my normal life! :)

    Went to see my little baby, and he, yes, its a he, grew up so fast and chubby! LOL.. going 1 year old in few months time. Time flew fast hur! Was really upset by what his family had said and done. To the extend me tearing and stuffs. And that, they still asked me what happen, well, are they faking ignorance or is it they really don't know that i knew about it? Well, its a mystery, but nevertheless, i told myself that i would not be going back there until everything is solved. You may say me timid or stuffs, but i just don't wish stuffs to get more complicated. I see no point explaining to them the truth, because to them, i'm just a bad girl, a cert-less girl.
No matter what i said, they will just think that i'm defending for myself. Full stop. People around me ask me to forgive them, Yes, i will forgive them, but i won't forget the incident, or rather, the hurt that they had inflicted to me. If they ever happen to see this post, i would like to say, i've forgiven you guys, i will treat it as you guys just blurted out ACCIDENTALLY. Its really a torture to choose to act like nothing had happen in front of you guys, at that point of time, whats in my mind was to get back home to Singapore fast, because i don't wanna to see you guys ever again!

     Oh ya, during the flight home, I saw someone that making my ass laughed. LOL. That guy is simply too "dramatic", "Action" and stuffs, i just simply cant find an suitable word to describe him, because he simply made himself look like a clown! LOL. I never saw someone so "action" and trying to step one gangster. OMG! Uncle, from your appearance, you look like some 30 plus old guy, so perhaps you can stop your childish act? Do you think staring at us will bring you any good? We, already apologize to you though we did nothing wrong, simply because we don't wish to create any trouble on the plane. But you, on the otherhand, chose to stare at us and hinting us for a fight. Oh well, just to let you know, if you think that suggesting a fight would make you look more "MAN", sorry, i'm afraid you ain't. You would only make yourself look like some ignorant people and would only make yourself banned from entering Singapore. Well, i got to be like some typical Singaporean to say this to you, if you really were to create trouble, i aren't scared at all. Because I believe, Singapore is a crime free country, where by i believe, you will be detained in the police station with your girlfriend, and making yourself a bad name. You can jolly well see, how many of the passengers supported me instead of you, reason been is so simple, because WE didn't do anything wrong in the first place. Well, too bad of you. If you were to meet some other people to pick a fight on, i guess you wouldn't be enjoying your stay in Singapore hur~ And oh ya, whats' with the sunglasses on your girl? Are you telling me that the lighting in the plane is too bright till shades are needed? LOL. And is she a model or some famous person? If she is, then why is it that i don't know her? :x Oh, i know! she is trying to act as some "ehem", " High class people?", OH OH OH, sorry, but i got to say, she would only make all of us laugh at her! don't you think she too over for it? LOL. Anyway, enjoy hur~ Haha..

    Well, fall sick the moment i came back to Singapore. Many friends asked me if i had dengue fever or something, because, i'm running high fever with soar throat, and most importantly, LOSS of voice! :( Seen the doctor, and was given days of MC to make sure i fully recover before i start work! God bless me to have a speedy recovery yeah! :) All photoshoots and stuffs were delayed due to my sick, I'm sorry everyone!

*PS : Like most of the people,I am also very kay-poh towards this jack Neo's scandal case. Though in malaysia, I've try to catch his latest new. LOL.. i will be posting my Point Of View soon! Stay tuned.

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