Slow croach on the affair thingy...

Well, i promised to update my Point Of View towards Jack Neo,but as i wasn't feeling quite well for the past few days, so ended up i neglected my blog.Now that Jack Neo's scandal News is already over, do you guys think i should still blog about it? ( After some thoughts ) I decided to just post a little bit of it...

Well, as you guys know, Jack Neo's scandal has taken up majority of the newspaper. It has been the "hottest" topic back then. Even though i'm overseas during that period when the news spreaded, i just simply try to follow up as much as i could. Perhaps this is human's natural reaction,
 Upon seeing that very first headline, i thought it was some advertising methods, but i was wrong. but i was wrong. It is for real! OMG! Well, Since this case is closed now, i shall not elaborate much about this, but, i would just like to share my 2cents worth of view. May I?

( Reference taken from omy )

Seriously, i really envy Mrs Neo ( Jack Neo's wife ) ,she is really worth my salute because she really have a big heart! She chose to forgive Jack Neo though he had really let her down. I believe after this incident, Jack Neo will be really faithful to his wife. Lets hope that they can walk through all these scandals and overcome the obstacles.
As for Ms Wendy Chong, I really pity her actually. Perhaps she was too young to really understand what she did back then. Till date, i still wonder why she chose to blurt out the affair when she is not yet ready for the consequences? Well, its all too late to say all this now~ Lets just hope that her future wont be ruin due to this incident. I hope that you can walk out of this soon too!

( Reference taken from Miss Wendy Chong Website )

Anyway, i hope that you people will stop your comments on this incident After all, it is their affair, not ours. So as outsiders, we shouldn't interfere that much, yeah? Anyway, all the above views are based on my own opinion. =D All the best to you all!!!

Sorry, i also got no idea what i'm talking about too. LOL.. It seems so random~

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