good Bye to my lovely blonde!

Yes, i have change my hair colour from Blonde to something more feminine, no longer in the gold series.. ;)
Did a haircut on the same day too.. well, wasn't really pleased with the hair stylist, reason being is that she is really very rough, very inconsiderate, she smeared my make up, she make my hair smell super smelly after she dyed finish, she messed up my fringe, she doesn't know what i want despite telling her endless times and most of all, she charged way too high!  

Well, i forgiven her, but i will not be going to that salon anymore! To be frank, my personal hair stylist is much more better than her! He never fails to accomplish my requests, and, he helps me set my style, without me saying much! My trusted stylist, i love him to the max man! I regretted not finding him because his salon is way too far~ never mind, next time i shall make the trip down to find him! :)

Anyway, i'm not really that satisfied with my result, oh well, at least i can stay out of gold/brown series for the time being. Can you imagine sticking on 1 colour for a year? And that, i needed to touch up every now and then to make sure that it is in the same colour, and what's more, its bleached everytime, imagine my poor hair..

Ta-dah! My new hair colour, inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki :)

XoXo, and that marks the end of my entry~ 

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