Best Buy World.
Ever wished that you can save more money on BRANDED items, such as SK ll, Clique and many more? 

Ever wished that you can save the hussle of getting out of house to just to buy those branded things? Or you just simply hate those sales girl tagging behind you while you source for your make up and stuffs?

Or, you wanted to buy some trial set so that you can test the item before you make your decision on buying the whole tube?

Now your wish is granted! Why?? Because in BEST BUY WORLD, you can get all the above privilege and what's more, you can SAVE alot from it! All their items are way cheaper than those retail shops!  Not convinced? Let me show you some then.
Lets take it for example, this SK-II's Skin Signature series only costs you SGD$158, that is almost 25% of SAVINGS compare to outside!!!
This Eau Des Merveilles Shimmering Dry Oil Body Spray can save you up to 50% off the retail price! Which means this only costs SGD $120!!!

See it? By now you should already be tempted to start your online-shopping already right?!
Let me tell you more, they are selling branded cosmetics, skincare products & perfumes, accessories, bags and even lingerie at great discounted prices!!! 

 This are some of their make up series! Expect alot more of branded items in their site too!! 

And tell you a good news. For those who always travel arounds, fret not! Because they do have sample size packs, which means all are being packed into sample sizes, so that you can bring around every where! Its convinient and cheap!
For example, The Skincare Rinse-Off Cleansing Gel(12ml x 5pcs = 60ml), means you can get 5 cute little bottles fill up of 12ml of gel each and the total amount you get is EXACTLY the amount you bought on those one 60ml bottle! So that means you can put bottles everywhere that you need, so you can save quite alot of $$$ buying those big bottles, which will really costs u a bomb! LOL.

And there's always a MEN'S corner, whereby its the guys items..

So wow! Imagine you really save the hassle of going down to shopping centre just to buy those items! What's more, they DELIVERED it right to your doorsteps! Yes, they do have their own delivery man doing all the deliveries, so you won't be worried that your items will go missing or stuffs! 

All you need to do is just simply spend a minimum of SGD$50 and your delivery will be FREE, otherwise, you could pay SGD$10 if your amount falls lesser than $50, but i suppose many of us will get the FREE delivery, because there's so much things to buy in the website!! 

For me, i bought myself some items...
See, their delivery bag is so nice, I'm hook to it! Its so cute!

These are some of the items i bought only! And oh ya, the awesome thing is that you can choose to PAY ON DELIVERY/CREDIT CARD! Hoho, so you can check your goods upon delivery! 

So after saying so much, you may want to start your shopping session now! ACT FAST BEFORE ALL THE PRODUCTS ARE BEING SOLD OUT!

Click on to : BEST BUY WORLD 

*PS : The delivery man is so good that he gave me a call before he arrived and he is really very friendly!
♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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