I got Cravings of .....

 I am craving for chilli crab now!!! Its been in my mind since yesterday, but was unable to eat all the while... gggrr.. I think i gonna hay-wired given this rate~ Someone save me!!!

To be frank, i not only craving for crabs only, i'm craving for quite a few items, such as 

                                                                xiaolong bao, 

                                        Korean rice cakes



                                               cockles and many more!!! OMG!!! 

LOL.. for your infomation, before some of you might be mistaken, i am NOT pregnant, so don't assume that i am okay. Tsk Tsk. :)

*Ps : I am already Drooling saliva upon looking at those images.. OMG! Someone please pass me a tissue.. :P

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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