A Day out with the Small kids.

Firstly, I would like to welcome my darling girl, Carol, back to Singapore! I hope you enjoyed yourself there :)

Been busy recently { i know I'm always says I'm busy :P } with my personal things..celebrated Mr Gerard's birthday recently, i felt quite guilty of it because I'm really very budget this month, hence can't really celebrate with you. I'm sorry and well, i still hope you enjoyed your special day that day. :) Anyways, i just recovered from my long long fever, which drags for quite sometime. Oh well,

Next, met up with my niece yesterday at Bukit Batok to accompany her for some personal things. And, seriously, for the first time of my life, I really find the opponents' very funny. 

It all started with just a simple FaceBook wall post that my niece's friend wrote on her wall. {For those that got Facebook's account, you will know what i mean.} 

To be frank, I'm not trying to side anyone here, but here i am, typing out on what i have seen as a outsider. My niece replied, and that's when the "troubles" starts. They argued over trivia matters and eventually ended up with some unhappiness and they requested for a face to face talk. 

Supposedly, the problems only lies on 5 people,which means, 4 from the opposite's side, and my niece. But, they bought along their groups of "friends" there. Imagine there's this large group of people arguing with my niece?! To me, its sort of bullying. Oh well, this matter doesn't concern us, so we just sat over there and listen.

I've been listening to their conversation all the while, and its like, so childish and very unorganised. They are the one that requested for that meet-up, yet? They twisted their words and said my niece requested for it. Oh my God. It drags for quite sometimes and what happen? There's no conclusion made. Of course, the opposite parties jolly well become unhappy, and requested my niece for a fight?! Well, we DIDN'T, because we knew what is the right thing to do. 

I think its really a joke, because firstly, the problems ONLY lies with the kids, and not the rest of us, so why must they drag all the people to the place? Next, its only a trivia matter, and yet why the opposite's "adults" joined in the conversation, and to the point when they started to lose their winnings, they started to drag me in, accusing me, when i didn't even talk or interupted their matter at all.

Next, they said that they are matured enough to know what's right and wrong, so why are they interupting the kids when its none of their concern at all?! And to the extend of asking for a fight? Oh well, they are matured enough to know that this is seriously AGAINST the law. As a working adult, which most of them are around the age of 20 plus, why must they initated a fight when its against the law, and by doing so, they are breaking the law and destroying their own future. Laughs. 

By now, many of you might think that we DID fight right? But, sorry to disappoint everyone, we didn't. Reason being is that we knew that if we do so, we are breaking the law, and, after all, its just some peanut matters, so why to the extend of fighting and shouting? LOL. If the fight really were to start, i think i will be calling the police up. Not being some coward or stuffs, because i personally felt that police will do a better job in this, and at the same time, to prevent those victims from getting harm. Yes, we WALKED away from them. Can you imagine, there's only 4 of us here, and them, at least a dozen of them. Oh my, its really such a big matter that needs to bring all's attention. Hmmm...

Well, so what happen in the end? They are unhappy about the matter, after all, its the face that matters. But we made them lose their own face. Ahahaha, funny. Then they proceeded on with Facebook status updates, saying that they aren't in the wrong and stuffs, and they began to twist their words. Hmm.. well, its none of my business in the first place, and i agreed to go down is because of my niece. I mean, which family members will not help her own members? Sorry, i ain't that heartless. :) Laughs, shall not continued more, as it will only kill and stress my brain cells. 

Thanks for reading this meaningless post, but i wanted to post out because i just feel like sharing with you people. :)
♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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