Slacking With XiaoM and Co.

( The 2 Ms : XiaoM- Michelle LOw and XiiaoMichelle - Michelle Ng)

Met up with my beloved sis on Tuesday. Went over to ton at Desmond's house with one his friend, Martin.
Slack at there, playing poker cards, watching tv and stuffs, was little bored then... LOL..
For the whole night, we keep laughing non-stop,haha, xiaom ah, you ah.. LOL.. =P 
Called McDelivery for supper, chit-chat and some photo-taking session. 
* Desmond ah gong, sorry, now then i realized that i forgotten to cam-whore with you yesterday. Next time i won't forget. Ahaha..
Oh ya, Desmond's dog, Rocky, is super duper adorable and pervert, keep disturbing my beloved sis,oh well..~

To xiaoM sis, meet up again soon! As for the "things" that you told me while in cab, i really got to tell you not to go home on wee hours, or else you will invite those things to your side, get it? And try to resist from going to "wonderland" , i know its hard to do so, but try your best yeah? IMY! :)

To Desmond ah gong, sorry for creating mess in your house, laughs, remember next time to find more activities yeah? See you soon!

 Oh ya, my heels was killing me last night! I swear i will never wear that pair out again, its causing my legs to form 4 BIG BIG bruises.. OMG, i hate it man, it never occurs in any of my other pairs of heels but why this? :( Now my left leg is full of disgusting and pain brusies, Sigh. Been staying at home for the whole day, busy rushing for advertorials, which will be published soon in my entries.

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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