Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother's day to all of the Mothers in this world! I hope you enjoy this special day today!!

And also not to forget, to the 2 most important mothers in my life!

Firstly, to my real mum, whom i am not able to see her anymore, i would really like to thank her for bringing me up all this while. Though i may quarrels with you, rebel you, i always love you as my mum. I used to think that i am always right, and would always argue with you on those tiny little matters, and thinking that you just wanting to invade my privacy, but as i grow older each day, i really agreed with what you say. What you say are really true. At times, i really wish i could share with you all my problems, just like how i used to do when i was a kid.

Ever since you are gone, i began to feel loneliness, and i began to know what is motherly love. I really regretted those things that i did to you, making you feel angry, sad, and even helpless. Sometimes, i really hide under the bedsheets, sobbing, hoping that you can come back to my side. :( To the extend that i will teared in the public when i think about you, or walking down those places that you used to bring me go. Its really been quite some time since i last dream of you. What is happening to me?  I really hope that time can be reverted, and i will never let those things happen to you again. I don't wish to separate with you! :'( At times, i really envy those families that gather together. Ever since you not by our side anymore, things turn differently. We seldom go out as a family anymore, and there seems to be less laughter and warmness.

Brother keep saying that i am the one that causes this, perhaps its true, perhaps i am really the culprit that causes all this mess! I really wished that i'm the one who is gone, rather than you, because this family really need you alot! Mum, do you know what? I really miss those days going out with you, from going to mini marts, to shopping centres, i really miss those days. I know you are always beside me to guide me through my life, though i wont be able to see you, but i sense you instead. I really wish that i can have 1 more chance to say " I love You " again. Do you really know i really miss and love you? I really wish that you can read this post, i really wish that you will know what is happening to my life, i really wish i can hear your voice, hold your lovely hands again. Will i ever be able to do it again?

And next, to my lovely god-mum :

I really counted myself lucky to know you, and have you by my side to guide me through, ever since my real mum is away. You are like a second mum to me, which i really love you dearly too! I saw you like my real mum, your caring really melts my heart! Maybe this fate is brought to me by my mother? Though at times i might be blur, might agitated you, but you never fail to leave me alone, you always try to bring me back to senses when i did something wrong. Thank you for bringing me back to the right track when i was rebellious at that time, i really glad that you guide me through, if not, i might be in some remands or jail, and having bad records in my life. Thank you for supporting what i do, i really appreciated it! Remember to watch your health too alright mummy? Don't be so workaholic hor! Remember, i love you too! And, happy mother's day to you! I hope you enjoy yourself today. :) And hope you like my present!

Last but not least, I really love you two! Happy mothers' day to the both of you! Thank you for bringing me up, for being there for me, guiding me all along~ Thank You.

* PS : Do give me some time to post my overdue food reviews! I'm sorry for those who waited, i am really busy recently! Pardon me yeah! i promise i will post it up soon!!

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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