A rather emotional post

My apology to readers for not updating my blog, due to personal reasons. This will be a post specially dedicated to my beloved baby whom had passed away recently.

Its been days since my dearest baby left me to her wonderland,
It has been days since i cried and felt so emotional over my little baby. 
At times, i would think if i am the one who caused her death, did i really play my part as a mother? 

I really regret letting her being so lonely most of the times because i don't really have time for her, i regretted neglecting her days before she passed away. I really blamed myself for not being with her for the last time. Perhaps i really shouldn't have work on that day, so that i can see her for the last time, so that she will rest in peace. :( Looking back at the memories she left behind really saddens me, i really never realized that i didn't really took much of her pictures. :(

I will never ever forget the moment i saw her laying motionless outside her room, and no matter how many times i called, shout, blow her, she just won't wake up, that's when i knew that she is really gone. I know that she did not rest in peace, i know she wanted to see me for the last time, but failed to make it in the end. Sorry, my dearest baby, I'm really sorry, i failed my part as a mummy. I really hope that you will find a better family in your next life. :'( Always remember that mummy love you.

I really hope that i can revert back the time, so that i can spend more time with her. If i had spent more time with her, she might be happier, more active, more healthy. I really missed her alot! How i wish i can see her for the last time. I really don't have the chance to buy her favorite snack, feed her favourite food, play with her favorite toy, bring her out to breeze anymore. 

Always remember, if you think you still have ample time to spend with your loves one, then you are wrong! Because we will never know what will happen in the next second, so do remember, always spend more time with your loved ones, do all the things that you promised them, let them know that you really love them alot.

Life is really fragile and unpredictable, moments ago you still see them lively, moments later, they are not there anymore. We cant prevent our loved ones to be with us forever, neither we can predict the next moments, so what is the most important point here is to spend, cherish more time with them, be it just a simple gathering or stuffs, i'm sure this will really bright up their days!  

Shall end my post here, tears kept rolling down my cheeks these few days the moment i think of her. Hais :(

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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