Photos are up!

Photos are finally up for my friend's wedding.

Not much pictures were taken for that trips. Anyway, I would like to wish Mr Sam Chua and his wife a happy marriage. Hopefully the next time i visit Ipoh again, I would see their lovely little baby :) 

( The Couples )

For the first time in my life, I was in the groom's group instead of the bride's group for " the last single night of theirs ". To me, its kinda of different, and a bit awkward, because, you know, guys topics and i am the only female in that group. I admit that its a little bored, but at least, i get to stand in the guy's shoes and enjoy. 

The groom's was so busy that he only bought the wedding bands the night before the actual day, its kind of rushing though. The thing that i don't really like in Malaysia is that you cant pay the goods/item in Nets, its either you pay cash or credit cards. I find it a little bit troublesome that you got to queue and withdrawn a huge amount of cash, walked back to the shop, and pay. I mean, what if there is a pickpocket or robbery halfway? Its kind of scary.. :x I really think that perhaps Malaysia could install some NETS machine, so that it can really reduce those insecurities. 

I was not able to wake up on time the following day morning, and i missed out alot of funs they had. I heard that they had those "bikini dressing", and eating of Wasabi banana and so on, too bad, i missed it. But, i managed to find one of the photos in one of the best man. 

Poor guys, i pitied you all for having to dress up till this way. But its alright, let you guys cross-dress for once. Tsk tsk.

Wedding dinner at night, and ya, i saw some of them packing away those unfinished food. I know that they are not wasting the food, but is there a need to pack every single dishes? Hmm.. well, i got no comment.

Well, lets hope that i can visit Ipoh again someday, and i got to make sure that this time round, i am going to stay there for at least 3 days. :) Before i end my post, I going to post the rest of the photos on that wedding! Enjoy. 

* Pardon me for this post, because there is really limited amount of photos, and, i was not there for some of the events, hence, this messed up post. I just want to share the fun though. :)

( The smokers )
 ( And i just notice that most of them are smokers. LOL. Anyway, some of his best friends )

* Oh ya, thanks guys for taking the trouble to find topics to talk to me, and trying your best to talk to me in mandrain as i don't understand catonese. Thanks to those of you, you guys didn't made me feel so boring! :)

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