Things that i really find it annoying when i am on Msn.

Things that i really find it annoying when i am on Msn.  

- PLEASE stop nudging me when i already put my status as busy/away.

( When i put this up, it means that i am already busy with other stuffs, so I got my rights not to reply/entertain you. If you keep on nudging me like nobody business, I can simply delete you from my list. So do you get it? Its annoying ok! :) If you really still do not understand, please go check up on your dictionary what is call busy/away. )

- Stop using Vulgar to me, especially the word F**K, who the hell are you to say those words? And this shows ur moral. 

( By saying this kind of vulgar, it really shows that you are really uncivilised and you got no moral. Didn't your teachers/parents gave you moral education? If you are someone who i am really close with, i don't mind you saying this kind of vulgars, because i know you well, but if you are some random person that adds me into your contact lists, and saying this kind of stuffs, what do you think i will think of you? And, this isn't a way to grab girl's attention. And, its very rude of you to say this. Imagine a sweet looking girl added you on the list, and that, scolding you full of vulgars in every of her sentences, how would you feel? Do stand on other's people point of view before acting stupid. )

- Stop claiming that you know me/i know you when you jolly well didn't even met me in the first place.

( Isn't it ridicules that I am asking you "do i know you?" if i really were to know you? By asking that question, its already very obvious that i do not know you, if i really met you before, i wouldn't be so rude to ask you this question again. And when you say that i do know you or stuffs, why cant you elaborate or tell me frankly where we met or stuffs? Instead of saying that i got no intention to remember or stuffs. ) 

- And to elaborate the above statement, it includes telling me that we
met at _____, when i didn't even go there, this would result in making
yourself embarrass.

( Imagine embarrassing yourself when you stated the wrong place, or wrong pick up line. Don't make up a story and tell me that i met you somewhere and that, i am drunk and couldn't remember you etc. FYI, i don't get drunk easily. So, guys, stop making me laugh at you. And if i really know you, i wouldn't have given you my email address instead of my contact number. Get it? ) 

- PLEASE do not ask me for my mobile number when i don't even know who
you are.

( To emphasize on this, I just wanted to state that I do not give out my personal contact number to those that i do not know At ALL! Hey, i got my own privacy too. If you really got the intention to be in my friend list, then you got to be patient alright? )

- For guys, please know your stand, stop asking those nonsense
things, because i will feel very disgusted towards you.

( When i said nonsense things, it includes telling me about sex things. Do i look like a chatline to you? Come'on, its not that i ain't open-minded and stuffs, its that its really annoying to talk about this kind of topics when you ain't interested at all. And ya, please do not ask me if i am open-minded or not. 'cos does it really concern you? Please talk in a more mannered way if you want me to chat with you. Thanks )

- And is it so difficult to say that i do not know you instead of claiming i know you or anything?

( Instead of saying that I really know you when it is not in fact, why don't you tell me frankly that we are strangers and you would like to be my friend? Because, by the end of the day, I would really be angry and pissed off to find out that you are lying it! Stating the fact wont make you lost anything dude! )

- Please be nice to me, and i will jolly well entertain you. If not just go away.

( If you do not know the definition of nice, go Google search it. I do not mean that you got to be so so so caring and stuffs, but instead, what i wanted is someone i can chat comfortable in. Still don't get it? Check the above explanation to get it. I'm lazy to repeat everything again.  )

-Lastly, STOP using fake accounts to talk to me, don't you have a name? :)

 ( To elaborate, this includes cross-dressing. I mean, don't act as a different gender to talk to me, don't use other people name to talk to me, I'm pretty sure that your parents DID give you a name and a face, so why don't you just use your own name and picture? )

* And if you think that i am arrogant or etc by stating those things above, then i got nothing to say. Because out of more than 400 msn contacts in my messenger, almost half of them did the same mistakes. Step in my shoes and think please. Thank you. And don't judge me too early until you really get to know me. 

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