I am feeling so miserable!!! 
All my assignments, shoots has to be delay till i recovered. :(
Supposedly, my schedule for this week is fully packed,
But now, i got to drag and drag again! 
Lucky those people that I am working with are really understanding, 
Except for those irritable 1,2. =(

I was being told that i am one of the selected candidates for a UK magazine! Its hard to believe. But nevertheless, i going to perform my best and make sure i get into the finals! Attractive pay. ^^

So many things to do, 
So little time to accomplish!
Headache is killing me,
Soar throat/cough/running nose are disturbing me too!
Everytime when i was about to do something big,
Fever/flu would never fail to attack me. 

Guess I really need more Vitamin A,B,C. 
Money not enough, how? 
I got plenty of stuffs to buy,
Contact lens, dye hair, study table, clothes, Vitamins, phone bills etc. 

Who willing to sponsored me any item? LOL. I promised i will treat you the best. Haha.
Okay, I know its random, but i would welcome you to help me and i would repay you guys back! :)

And oh ya,
I got a really nice boss, whom really take care of me, and would always call and update me on stuffs happening in the company. LOL.

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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