To all Online shops Lovers/ online shops owners!!


Can I have your attention please! Especially those that is into Online shopping, those online shops owners, and those who wants to find WHOLESALE items! I got something special for all of you! So pay attention to the things i going to say now. 

* This will be the first time I am working hand in hand together with a online wholesaler from overseas and Gemi Fashion. See below for details! Support me alright

*This Group-shopping is only available for 1 week, starting from 04/08/2010 to 11/08/2010 ( 12 mid-night ). Do place your order with ME or GEMI FASHION to get the savings! 

A short introduction to this online wholesale shop:

Its is a wholesaler that is based in China, and co-currently, working with Both Me and Gemi Fashion to be their main distributor in Singapore. This shop supplies more than 30,000 clothing styles and update about 80 styles per day. This includes GUY's apparels too! The best part in this wholesaler is that, they do not require MINIMUM order! Which means you can just simply order 1 piece from them, and they still charge you as the wholesale price! Cool isn't it? So now you must be thinking of ordering the items instead of ordering from us. 

But wait a minute, did I mention that we ( both Gemi Fashion and I) do not earn from this event? And if that's the case, why are we so kind into organizing this group shopping, and taking all the troubles etc? 

-The reason being is simple. As a consumer myself, i do know that buying an item from overseas is really very troublesome and expensive, because we need to keep track of our items, and at the same time, paying the shipping and handling that is somehow more expensive than the product itself. Am I right? 

So since this Wholesaler, called Wholesaledress-net have contacted me and express their interest in working and expanding this business together, why not? I requested for cheaper shipping fee and they agreed, so we make it a deal that we will be closing the Orders in 1 week, just 1 week to all residing in Singapore. So during this 1 week, why not we gather all our friends and grab this opportunity together? I mean, we can get our desire items and at the same time, paying lesser for the shipping and transportation fee. So, if you are really interested, do view their website and start ordering from us now! 
** See below for more details!

Pre-order! Group Shopping and enjoy great Savings!!

Promotion Period for 04/08/2010 - 11/08/2010

Pre-Order Website : Wholesaledress-net
* Do place your orders with us instead of the website itself to enjoy Savings!

What is this great Saving about?

This is the first time Gemi Fashion, Michelle, and Wholesaledress-net
are working hand in hand to bring the latest wholesale apparels to ALL residing in Singapore!
We will be bringing you the cheapest, best qualities and wallet friendly apparels! All the prices you are going to see are the wholesale prices.
* Wide range choice
We supply more than 30,000 clothing styles and update about 80 styles per day.
No minimum orders
Shop retail products at wholesale prices.
Fast delivery service Using Fedex Express!

Why Should I purchase from you?

  This is created specially for those who love to purchase apparels in wholesale prices. As you know, shipping charges tends to be very expensive if you only tend to order just a few pieces.

But with this special promotion going on, you will only need to pay what is needed!
This is a special promotion managed by the sole distributors in Singapore ( Michelle and Gemi Fashion )

We will be using FEDEX Express for the delivery! Which means expect your goods to arrive in maximum 10 days times! Its better than waiting for your item for 2,3 weeks yeah? :)

* Never to worry about having your items missing/keep track, because we will be doing all this job for you!

How much is the Shipping fee? Can i do wholesale too?

The Charges :

We had sort out an easier way of shipping+ handling charges for you.

For customers that is purchasing less than 5 items :

Jeans/Demins/shoes :  Flat rate of SGD$10 per item
Blouse/long blouse/Dresses :   Flat rate of SGD$5 Per item
Bottoms :   Flat rates of SGD$7 per item
Others :   Do feel free to enquire me, I will be checking for you and let you know again!

* Do take note that the amount above is already inclusive of shipping and handling fees. So rest assured that you will not be paying anything more than that.

For those that is interested in taking wholesale from me, I will be proposing you a special deal!

* For orders more than 10kg, the delivery charges will only be SGD$6.60 per kilogram!

* For orders more than 5kg, the delivery charges will be SGD$6.70 per kilogram!

* DO TAKE NOTE that I am only acting as a distributor, hence, i do not earn from it. My purpose here is to make sure everyone get their desire items without forking much amount of money, and having the risk of missing orders.

Because this is a Mass group shopping, I will be posting all the details of the delivery here, so that you would be able to get the first hand updates!

* Delivery of goods in Singapore is via Meet up! Should there be any cases whereby customers choose to mail their items via mail, do take note that there will be a charge of SGD$1 for Normal Mail, $3.50 For registered articles, other wise, meet up is to be arrange at Woodlands,Sembawang,Boonlay,Jurong East.

Order Method :

** Do bear in mind that this event will start from 04/08/2010 till 11/08/2010 ( 12mid-night ).
How to order :
- Go through THIS WEBSITE, take down the links/name of the products that you are interested in, and send us through this ORDER FORM. We will recalculate and double-confirm with you the amount in 24hours time.

- Proceed on with your payment via the following Methods.
- Wait for the products to reach us and we will proceed to hand it to you.
- We will be having a Mass meet up at selected areas such as Woodlands, Sembawang, Yishun, Jurong East and Boon lay. Alternatively, you may choose to mail out the items via Normal Mail ( SGD$1 )/ Registered Mail( SGD$3.50 ).
For those that had facebook account :
  You may want to attend the event and leave links of the products you want to buy on the event's wall/message me ,and I will calculate the price for you!
For order and payment Via Facebook :

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us at ( Michelle's email ) ( Gemi Fashion's email )

or through the individual facebook message at ( Michelle's personal facebook ) ( Gemi Fashion's personal facebook ) ( Gemi Fashion's page ) ( Gemi fashion's Group )

** Hope you enjoy your shopping spree! Do feel free to make enquiries!

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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