Special thanks to all that patron my event!

Firstly, I would like to thanks all who had bought/enquire about the spree i have mention earlier on. I am now in the midst of preparing for the next pre-order with my partners again, and hopefully, this time there wont be any more of the repeated mistakes like i did earlier on! For those who had ordered from either me or Gemi Fashion, do stay tune to my blog as I will be posting the shipping tracking number up, and that you could see the real time update of your items. :) Continue to support us alright? Thank you.

Next, went out with one of my BFF yesterday and guess what? We saw both Xiaxue and Kay Kay shopping in the same shop with us! I do not want to enclose the place for their privacy. LOL. But for one thing I would say, both of them are damn chio and friendly. Seriously, I really do not why there is so much of their haters in this world. Let me say something, they both looks no HUGE differences from photos okay. To those haters who had been so sacastic to them, saying that they photoshop alot etc, take a REAL look at them before you comment. Thank you.

Anyway, next week would be a hectic week for me as I am going to be busy for few days! LOL. 

*Ps : I will be posting the special Bling HTC HD Mini done by Xiaxue in the next entry! Stay tune! ( its so bling in real life! ) 

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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