See My new Bling Phone! :D

As promised, I will be posting photos of the phone that is zhng ( crystallized ) by the famous blogger XiaXue

Pictures can't really show you how bling (Shiny) it is, but the actual product do! Its definitely attention catching i swear. :)

*The photos below are taken out from Xiaxue's blog. Credit to her :)

 (The interior of the phone. Kinda special because it is in Yellow colour!)
( In the process of Gmasking it.) 

( After Gmasking)

( And the end product proudly done by Xia Xue! )

And my self taken shoot of the phone, pardon the difference between this 2 photos, because i'm using a lousy camera you see. Haha.

( After posting this picture out, I feel that my camera is really lousy! See the huge differences!!! Sad! )

Anyway, just want to compare the 2 phones that I have on hand now. The phone on the left side was definitely done by her, and the one on the right side was done by me. See the huge difference? LOL. How I wish I got her talent! But i believe, pratices makes perfect. Hahaha.

(See XiaXue's crystallized phone and mine crystallized phone! Mine totally cannot be compare with hers lo!)

Anyway, I really would like to thanks both Xia Xue and Nuffnang for this 1 and only unique crystallized HTC HD Mini. I swear to god that I will take good care of it, if not it would really waste her time and effort to bling this! Thank you! I Love you! :)

I am still exploring the new phone, it really got so many applications to explore! Haha. Anyway, on a side note before I end my post, I'm showing you my beloved. :)

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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