Plastic Surgery

Was browsing some of the blogs and i came to read about this article. Its about a girl whom did plastic surgery to make herself look more prettier. Personally, I think that she is already quite presentable, ( maybe not that pretty), so why did she choose to did plastic surgery then? 

But then, I couldn't agree more that she look more pretty after the PS. Perhaps like what they say, plastic surgeries really make miracles? It looked so painful and i suppose, quite a big sum of money were involved to do this surgery? 

Sometimes, I really wish that i can have the chance to do it too. If i have the money, perhaps i will go for operation, whereby I will ask the doctor to conduct a Liposuction for me, then i can get rid of my excess fats, and maybe donate it to my breast? =X Sounds so good! ( drooling). 

I would not really go for those big surgeries like having breast implant ( whereby its seems to fake after that ), doing face surgeries like what the girl did. I mean, god give us what we are, so why must we change the fact? Well, I guess i should start saving money now and consider getting an liposuction surgery, its not going to be cheap. T.T

Oh ya, the link for the girl who did PS is here : 

*PS : She really looks like Angelababy after the operation. :)

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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