Its weekend again!!! :)

Been sleeping rather early recently, guess I'm too tired? Or is it that i am getting older? Manage to catch out with some of my close friends recently, I miss them so much :( .. 

This week doesn't seem to work well for me, quite some bad things happen to me, take it like today, my phone was splashed with water! Luckily that it is still functioning, if not, i really need to fork out money to buy new phone. Speaking of new phone, I have been eye-ing 2 phones that really tempts me on.. :)

( I phone 4. It tempts me so much that i wanted to buy. )
( Blackberry Bold 9700. Been wanting to get this, but the price doesn't seems to drop )

I must faster earn lots of money and buy them! Heh! There is so many things that i wanted to buy! My laptop is giving me more and more problems, and now, it no longer considered a laptop anymore, instead, it is now being demoted to desktop! I could not bring it around, because of the flip joint spoiled! Double sadness. Now I can't use it for long, if not it will automatic shut down! Sad. I wanted to get an I-Pad in Australia, but then it needed to sign contract and its so expensive, ended up, gave up the thought of it and we shall wait till it lauches in Singapore perhaps? But I bought something else in Australia instead..

From I-Pad :

to :

Ta-dah! A cute looking koala bear! LOL! But i swear its super nice in real life! What to do, budget. :( Bought back bags of chocolates, haha, i can't imagine getting fatter eating chocolate every now and then. But, it really makes me feel relived and de-stress, not for the whole day, but at least for a while! But then again, getting sinful after realising that you have eaten too much chocolate! LOL!
There is so many things to buy, I have endless amount of things wanted to buy. But, money doesn't seems to be enough. Time to earn more.. :(

By the way, I'm updating my navigation with posts soon. So keep an eye alert yeah? I will be selling some of my BRAND NEW/ preloved items at very cheap rates. Stay tune! :)

♥ xiiao michelle ♥

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