I am so mad pissed off at someone!

I seldom pen down my unhappiness or angry things in my blog unless I am really mad pissed off at that particular matter. Today, I am penning down my thoughts as I am really mad pissed off and annoyed at someone.

She, lets called it "Alice", make me pissed off not once, not twice, but for the whole of 3 years. Yes, I knew her for 3 years! Can you imagine looking at someone that always pissed and annoyed you for the past 3 years? Seriously, I couldn't take it anymore!

I can forgive her once, twice, thrice, but not now anymore. If she wasn't an adult, or rather, someone older than me for almost half of my age, I would have slapped her hard on her face. I don't know how to phrase it because right now in my mind, all her things are flooding all inside my head. Read the story if you really want to know, and I will be glad if you can comment on how you feel too. Sadly to say, I failed to counsel myself. :(

Lets begin the whole story by saying how I get to know her....

I knew this fellow, "Alice", 3 years ago when I first joined my mummy's shop. At first, I thought she is mummy's or daddy's friend because she is always entering the counter which is a restriction unless you are a staff there. After knowing that she is just a REGULAR customer whom think she is game enough to walk in and out of the counter as and when she wants, like she own the shop, I started to detest her.

I will never forget how she talked to me using that arrogant manner, thinking that she is some big shot in this world. Mummy used to tell me not to be bother about what she says, because "Alice" is being defined as someone REAL straight forward. I never wanted to argue back with her when she tries to pick a fight with me because I respected her as a elder, and as a "friend" of theirs.

For the whole 3 years, she keep picking small fights with me whenever I am in the shop! Can you imagine seeing someone's face you detested for these few years? Not only that, she loves to block our way when we are serving customers, and that, saying that we bang into her and stuffs when she  was being knock when we are busy with work!

Yes, I am testing my patience towards her all this while, until today, I lost my cool and argue back with her right in front of customers. This is the first time I lost my temper right in front of customers. I am officially hating her from the moment I argue with her today.

Okay, lets just say today's incident. She loves to boss people around and arguing with me and customers.Take it for today, its just something that is none of her business and she should keep her mouth shut and be glad that she is occupying our space to eat her dinner. But instead, she keep asking me stupid questions and when my customers asked me about things totally unrelated to her, she argue with me, thinking that she is right. FYI, it doesn't concern her if my mummy is my real mummy. Sounds confused?

Okay, right now I am going to clarify the whole thing to all of you. The mummy and daddy that I am saying all the while in this post are not my REAL parents. They are my closest whom we are treating each other like a family. I called them my parents apart from my real family. People tend to ask me if they are my biological parents because in their eyes, we are really closely intact.

So today, as standard, one of the regular customers asked me if my mummy is in the shop, and that i replied them with the answer and this is when this "Alice" comes in and interrupt our conversation by saying I am not their biological child and criticized me like I am not ashamed of what I have just said. The concern here is, who is she to judge this when firstly, mummy DID told customers that I am her children, secondly, she is just an outsider to this and should just keep her mouth shut, thirdly, why must I be ashamed of what I have said when this is the fact? ( Though we are not biological, but still, they treat me as one of their children). I argued with her back that I see no need for me to clarify the whole matter to customers, when firstly, it does not matter to them because they are just asking, secondly, I see no need to explain the whole matter to everyone (customers) asking about where my "parents" go. So who is she again to say that to me when my "parents'' also acknowledge me as their family? Strange!

Oh ya, did I mention that she likes to flirt with my "Dad" when she is already a married woman with kids, and furthermore, right in front of "mummy" and all of us. Had her ever spare a thought for "mummy" and her own husband? My "daddy" already make it clear that he is not interested in her, so what for she comes and disturb him, and to the extend of thinking she is the lady boss there and commenting on people. Please, she should look at herself in the mirror before she do all this things. It will only bring disgrace to her own morality. What makes me more despise her is that she kept this matter off her husband. For this, I really empathy her husband  for being keeping in the dark.

These are just some of her bad doings, and if I were to write down all the single things that she has done, I think it will be as thick as a dictionary. What ever it is, she is just calling a kettle's black when she isn't pure at all, or rather, I should say, she is trying to cover her bad doings by putting all the blames on me.

* Seriously, I have never met someone as disgusting as her, as thick skinned as her etc. She is just a bitch! Sometimes, I really hope that someone would help me to slap her real hard! Hmmm.. :(

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