I am such a happy girl!!

Pardon me for not updating these few days, due to my work constraint. Just attended a dinner function with mummy and co. yesterday! And I really enjoyed myself with the gatherings and dinner. I think I have gained a kilogram for eating too much yesterday! LOL. And I am really happy and surprised by what my mummy did for me yesterday! Haha! Thank you mummy! I Love you!!  ♥

Next, I am super happy that there are quite a few companies sponsoring me! Haha! Yes! I am really happy! I cant wait to open my mailbox to retrieve those goodies from them!! And also, it means that I will be updating my blog more and more often!! :)

Lastly, I am now officially an author for one of the Korean website! For those who had been following me in my Twitter and Facebook would know that I have joined this company called DKP in short, which is Daily K Pop News,the Home Of KPop Lovers! Basically, you can find all the Korean Entertainment News here, which is managed by 32 authors from all around the world

We would be updating our site all the time to give all K-Pop lovers the latest news and entertainment!! Folllow our TWITTER and FACEBOOK for all the latest updates! Oh ya, for your infomation, we had more than 100k of fans ( and still increasing ) on our Facebook page! 

Ps : I love all the authors in the site! We are all so close though we are all staying quite far! :)

** Apologizes for not updating the wholesale website I am in, was rather busy with tons of things! I promised I will update asap! Thank you!

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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