All babes and hunks, how was the start of year 2011 for you? I reckon that most of you are having fun and enjoying the new year yeah? :)

As for me, I am so excited when I was being selected exclusively to be one of their model bloggers for BlogShopAsia!! Its definitely one of the best news that I have received since the start the of year 2011! ^.^

I think most of us had heard of them before, if you have not yet heard of their big name, do allow me to briefly introduce this company!

Blogshop Asia (BSA) is a leading blogshop online shopping directory dedicated to blogshops all over Asia.  With an increasing number of blogshops spawning every month, they decided to create a directory for all blogshops to help them gain and increase exposure to the internet community! 

Have you ever felt annoyed/ fed up when you want to do some online shopping, and only to find out that you are unable to find the items that you really need? And that's when BlogShop Asia comes into the picture. Now, with this great site available for all of us, we can easily find the items that we want with just few clicks, as they group the shops accordingly to their range and product nature! :)

And on top of that, BlogShop Asia also have a forum for you guys to discuss about different topics, ranging from career to lifestyle and even to fashion! And if you are a fan of flea markets, good news for you too! They will always update you on the upcoming events, so that you won't miss it again! Sounds cool isn't it?! (PS: I'm already drooling while typing this entry!)

So, with more than 20,000 registered members and more than 100,000 hits per month, its definitely a site that you shouldn't miss! Guess what, you might even be able to find your own income from there! 
Last but not least, I'm so honoured to be one of their model bloggers, so make your move now to visit BlogShop Asia Now!! Remember NOW NOW NOW! 

Their Webpage link : Their Website!
Their Facebook Link: BlogShop Asia Facebook

Okay, For your convenience, I had already placed up their banners in my blog, so you may click on them to visit them after reading my blog too! (*Winks*)

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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