[Event] Bio-Essence Superstar Bloggers party + Contest Details!

(Beware, long post with tons of photos in this post! And please read till the end as there would be something for my readers!)

Remember that Bio-Essence recently sponsored me some of their BB creams for me to explore with? If you had not read those entries, find them HERE and HERE! :)

Last Saturday (08/01/2011), I was invited to attend Bio-Essence Superstar Blogger Party held at Bounce, Iluma!! You know what? Bio-Essence is becoming one of my top favorite now! I just simply can't resist all their lovely product. If you wonder why, read on further as I'll be telling you why! ^.^

Okay, if you guys chanced upon my tweets on that day may have noticed that I am late for the event! (Yeah, I'm such a bad blogger! But luckily, I wasn't the last one to reach there! And the good thing is that I did not miss out the fun there!)


Bio-Essence is the No.1 Facial Care Brand in Singapore and Best Asian Brand 2009 & 2010

Okay, I got to admit that I was done with flu and soar throat that day, hence, I was having difficulties waking up on that day. :(

Anyway, I got so much fun with the Bio-Essence team members!

Though the event lasted for merely approx. 2 hours, I gained more knowledge of their products, and now, I can proudly have more flawless make up, (Although mine complexion wasn't that perfect, >.<) Hur Hur Hur!

The event started off with some products briefing, where by we gain to know more details of their BB creams.

** Do you know ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) provides a source of energy to skin cells required for healthy skin. **

Bio-Essence is so generous and good to us, they prepared lots of refreshments for us, so that we would not be starving while enjoying the session! (I did not managed to take down the amount of food that they served because all the rest of the bloggers are rather busy taking their refreshments, I'm sure you do not want to see their unglam photos yeah?) They had varieties of food to choose from, ranging from snacks to desserts to noodles to rice etc etc. And this is what I had for myself.

And so, while we are enjoying our refreshments, the Bio-Essence Team demonstrated to us some of their hot-selling products.

Bio Essence Team showing us the correct way to use their product! (My 2 tone hair is being captured by the camera! LOL!)
Bio-Essence Team showing us the effective way of cleansing our skin!

And, using their Bio-Essence V Face Series to achieve the V shaped face! ^^ ( I Like!)

Mr Flu, Cough and Soar throat always like to come and visit me on the wrong time. (Sad) Anyway, we were asked to personalize our own BB cream!

Bloggers taking the essential things to decorate their BB Cream.

The bloggers trying their best to personalize their BB creams within a short time frame.
Look at the amount of decorating accessories that we use to decorate! :) Spot my end product!

My End product. Is it nice? Okay, not nice. :(
Yours Truly, with my personalized BB Product! :)

These are some of the personalized BB cream that we had done on that day! Spot mine!^.^
All the bloggers involve in this superstar Blogger party. Spot any familiar face around? :)
And last but not least, the goodies from Bio-Essence for us!

And now, I got something for my readers too!

Bio-Essence Superstar Readers Challenge!!!
Yes, decorate your Bio-Essence BB cream product and stand to win their product hamper worth $200!
Hint: You may get some ideas on their facebook page here! CLICK FOR THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE!
And to sum it out, check out Bio-Essence Chinese New Year In-Store Roadshows!

It will be held at BHG Bugis from 14-21 January 2011. Attractive promotions and discounts are given during this period! 

And on 15 January 2011(Saturday), God Of Fortune will be making a special appearance between 4pm-7pm to distribute Ang Pows! A host will also be present during that time to conduct games where Bio-Essence products can be won!!! 

Mark down your calendar for this series of promotions and events specially for all of you!!

And also, do vote for your favorite superstar blogger to win a $10 Love Bonito Voucher and Bio-Essence BB cream trial sets!! Do vote for me yeah? Total of 50 lucky voters of the shortlisted bloggers will win!!

Vote for me here! CLICK HERE!

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