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Still remember that I once mentioned in my blog about receiving products from CUSkin?

Yes, I've been using them for quite some time now and was glad to see some changes to my skin!

Who is CUSkin?

-To cut it short, CuSkin stands for Clean Up Dermatology, which started up in 2001 and is the best cosmeceutical corporation in Korea that develops and retails a cosmetic line for trouble skin based on clinical research for 10 years!

And to add on, it was been developed by 40 skincare professional Aestheticians,  20 doctors and 30 nurses, and CuSkin has seen more than half a millions patients since it started out in year 2001. Not only that, it is also the biggest medical skincare group in Korea too!

And today, I am going to introduce you 2 of their most hot selling products!

CU Pure Whitening Cream

Pure Whitening Cream gives a translucent and radiant complexion. Arbutin skin whitening cream not only inhibits the progress of skin darkening and it also effectively reduces existing pigmentation. Clinically tested by Korea FDA.

How to use:
After cleansing and toning of skin, apply Cream on your face and neck. Gently massage for fast absorption. Apply as often as needed for dark spots.

RSP: SGD$89.00

CU Whitening & Winkle Repair BB Cream
Whitening and Wrinkle Repair BB Cream naturally covers and protects the skin. It helps brighten and repair wrinkles giving a firmer and livelier look. The ingredients contain Arbutin and Adenosine which are efficient in treating shady , dark, dry and saggy skin.

How to use:
After applying sunblock as the last step of basic skincare, take a proper amount of Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream and spread it evenly on entire face and tap till absorbed.

RSP: SGD$65.00

If you are having dull, glow-less complexion like me, or if you wish to achieve better make up, why not choose CUSkin? See the dramatic changes for mine case?

That's my naked face, without any lotion, make up etc. on. Notice that there are some redness and some scars on my face. 
Firstly, I apply sufficient amount of CU Pure Whitening Cream on my face

Face feels brighter and smoother after applying the whitening cream
Next, Apply CU Whitening and Winkle repair BB cream all around face

Ta-Dah! See, my flaws are not that visible anymore, and of course, my skin is slightly whiter than before! 

And after that, proceed on to your normal make up routine and you'll be surprise by the outcome! :)
Yes, that's me, with just some loose powder, eyeliner and eyebrow. :)
Interested in their products? Click on the link below to enter their website!
Their Official Website: CUSKIN Official Website
Their Official FaceBook: CUSKIN FaceBook Page

*Disclaimer: All the pictures are not photoshop in anyway, except brightening and adjusting the photo's size.

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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