Miss me? No, I guess no. :(

OMG!! Less than a week left before Lunar New Year starts, and I still have not yet prepare myself for this festive! Hur hur~

Is it me getting older or what? I don't seems to be that excited for those new year thing anymore! Oh well! I've not been really engaging long conversation with my family for the past 1 year! Everyone in my family are busy working and all of our work schedules are different. Perhaps that explains the amount of long conversation that we had all these while. I guess, I should really take this opportunity to have a good chat with them!

I really hope things changes for the better this year! I've got so many resolutions and I hope that I am able to fulfill all my resolutions before this year end! :)

Anyway, stay tune to my blog alright? I'll be sharing with my lovely readers some of the skincare products that I find really useful and affordable! Let me see, yup, there's quite a few brands that I will be sharing with you! :))

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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