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Yes darlings,

I'm gonna introduce to you one of the best studio that I've ever encountered so far, which gives me a really warm and friendly feel, Ms studio.

I still remember that the very first time I stepped into this particular studio, I've got this homely and comfortable feeling, whereby I'm not feeling any nervous/uncomfortable. The decorations inside makes me feels so comfortable, just like stepping into my own house. Can you imagine that? I mean, how many of us actually really feels comfortable when we stepped into a foreign place, let alone feeling like own house, am I right? :) But they really prove me wrong, they provide me with so much things and make me feel so homely, with their warm heart.

Introducing to you Ms Studio, a professional photography equipment rental company that has a studio located conveniently in Marpherson Area (Kallang Pudding Road).

They provide a wide range of lighting equipments, backdrops and props for us. And the catch here? They will be providing you with drinks at no additional cost! (In this era, how many business owners would actually provides those services to clients without extra charges? Hard to find, I would say)

They also offer special rates for long-term bookings too! And fear not if you are not using their service frequently, their rates are really affordable! Really, trust me!

Their rental includes things such like complimentary use of DSLR camera, Lighting set up by professionals and many more. Not only that, they have wide ranges of clothing, racks, props, and many more for you to use!

Online shops owners, what are you waiting for? :) Do engage their service and you'll know what I mean!

If you are worrying that you might not be doing a perfect job in taking photos, you might also want to engage their in-house photographer to help you with the shoots too! And if you need models too, they can also help you to arrange according to your preference! Sounds cool? 

Alternatively, for those who ain't online shops owners, and would like to have a proper portfolio shoots/studio shoots or even for couples, they would be more than happy to serve you too! And what's more, their rates are really affordable, and you can save your worries 'cos they really did a good job!

Here are some of the shoots that the photographers did:

Baby Portraits Portfolio:

Maternity Shoots:

Artistic Shoots:

There's still a lot more of photos that you might want to check it out at : HERE and  HERE

Here are some of the rates:
  • Portraits Portfolio Promotion (Hotel Theme ($388)/Student promotion @$288)
  • Blogshop Shoot Promotion (Shoot is only @$50 per hour and direct files transfer)
  • Portraits Portfolio(single & couples) ($288) 
  • Baby Portraits Portfolio ($288)
Studio charges would be:
$30 per hour for non-peak hours and $40 per hour for peak hours on weekdays*.
$50 per hour for weekends, public holidays and even for midnight shoots*.

And if you are thinking of taking packages for whole day (8 hours), it would be at $200 per day for weekdays and $300 per day for weekends*!

And they are operating daily (including weekends & public holidays) from 9am to 10pm*.

And if you are interested/find out more details, you might want to contact them at ms-studio@live.com.sg or sms/call them at 96884687.

Do visit them for more information at :

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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