Friends? + where to get cheap and affordable authentic perfumes.

Anyone can really tell me the definition of friends? Seriously, I don't really know.

Thinking back, I do have tons of friends, but how many real or true friends will really be there for you when you need someone to talk to, when you need someone to really lend you his/her shoulder? Sad to say, I am able to count it just using my fingers, pathetic isn't it?

To be frank, I do not need to have millions of friends, all I need is just a few close friends whom will be there for me, and I'm delighted, 'cos I found few true friends. The rest? I've seen their true self and sad to say, I do not need them to be in my life, whom will make me more miserable.

Friends, to some of people, they are just tools for you to use, and dispose them after they finish serving their purpose. Its scary and heart breaking to see and hear that, especially those whom were once your best friends, whom you treat them wholeheartedly.

 I detest back-stabbing, I detest Harte, I detest been malign, I detest been pin-pointed at. Most of the times, when I kept my cool, doesn't mean that I am admitting what you're saying, I just don't wish to explain further, as I don't really see the point of explaining, 'cos I strongly believe, one fine day,people will eventually know the truth. I've already find out the truth, and I won't be questioning you, instead, I'll just eventually treat it that non of those things ever happen, 'cos I still do cherish our "friendship", and I really hope that you will change and not to repeat the same old mistakes ever again. But, if you really do, I'm sad to say, I shall leave you alone and marks the end of our so-called "friendship". So to those of my so called "friends", don't take me for granted, really don't. I do have my own temper too, so please, don't make me flare up.

I'll be busy struggling between my personal matters, work, relationship these few weeks, hope that I can survive through. Hur hur~
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