Anyone to take me in?

Anyone wants to take me in? I'm going homeless soon! *Insert pitiful eyes*

Haha! I'm just kidding. And finally, I decided to leave the house after living at over there for almost a year.  To my surprise that I can actually tolerate their behavior for so long! I can't imagine myself facing them every single day, and still got to tolerate their eccentric behavior.  

However, I learned something during my stay there, something that really benefited me much, and that is family. They made me realized that nothing is better than staying with your own family, no matter how difficult the situation is going to be. They made me cherish my family even more, and through this, I learned about family values. :)

Frankly speaking, there were times I really question myself if there is anything amiss towards my character. So many unhappy events happened and eventually, I managed to survive through! I deserve a big hug for surviving through yeah? :)

Every single thing happened for a reason. I believe I'll grow stronger and learn something new through every obstacles that I've met. I do admit that its hard to walk through those obstacles, I did breakdown, cried, lost my trust on people and many other more emotions that you could think of, but I'm glad I break through all this things. Finally, I get to know of my true friends and those who are really supporting me all this while. A big hug to you guys whom are always there for me and lead me through the crowds, I'm really touched, really. :)
Headed over to my GF house these few days and have some heart to heart chat with her! Thanks girl for accompany me although you are really tired. I really appreciated your effort. :)

Stitches! Aren't they cute? But I prefer my Winnie's more! Haha! *winks*

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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