[Advertorial Review] Get Sexy with Sexylook

We all heard of masks. But, have you heard about 3D Masks yet? If you have not, read on as I will be introducing to you the new masks that Sexylook has got in store for all of us. :)

Here are some of the information that you might want to know:

ž    The Number One Best Selling 3D Mask in Taiwan!
ž    Featured in Famous Taiwanese Beauty Show 《女人我最大》
ž      360 degrees Ultra Lifting & Firming 3D Mask
ž      Ear hooks to lift & firm skin from neck, cheeks, eyes and mouth areas
ž      Premium ingredients such as Red Wine, Bird Nest, Gold Caviar, Platinum, Gem and etc…
ž      Endorser: Popular Taiwanese Celebrity and Singer Aisa(爱莎)!
And also, if you are still not convince yet, please look on, as I printscreen some of the screen shots of the products being featured in the show!

Screenshot of Sexy Look Super Moisturizing Duo Lifting Mask

Look at the before and after of the above picture! 0.0

Extract of tweet from Aisa's twitter!
Okay, enough of all the spamming of photos etc. I was really honored to be sponsored a few boxes of different ranges of Sexylook masks to try and review on! Without further ado, lets proceed on!

I was given 2 different types of masks, namely SexyLook Intensive Firming Duo Lifting mask and SexyLook Super Moisturizing Duo Lifting mask.

From Left to Right: SexyLook Super Moisturizing Duo Lifting mask and SexyLook Intensive Firming Duo Lifting mask!

First Up: SexyLook Intensive Firming Duo Lifting mask!


Some information about it:

It is made up of special ingredients such as Red wine polyphenols.

And It contains phenols, vitamin C, and many healthy nutrients and antioxidant to enhance the skin's elasticity and firmness with flexibility. This 3D Lifting Mask with ear hooks fights against gravity and lift up the skin at your neck, mouth cheek and eyes areas.

Review Time:


Take a look at the amount of goodness oozing out of the mask?! LOL! Did I use the correct word. Hmm..

See! The whole mask is fully soaked with the goodness! Aww~~~

Here's a closer and detailed look! :)

The remaining liquid that couldn't be absorbed by the mask anymore. :'(

**Note: I applied the the leftover on my neck too! My neck needs some mask too! :)

BEHOLD!!! The following series of pictures might give you nightmare!!!
Are you ready???

Here's your truly, me, without a trace of make up. :( I told you I hate my skin. T^T

I hope I didn't scared any of you. :( This is the results of not getting enough rest + Stress + no masking!

And then, I decided to try on the mask given to me! I know I didn't aligned according to my face. But after taking this shot, I adjusted it. LOL!
What they meant by 3D mask? It means it covers up all your face including your neck for maximum effect! ^^
And after 20 minutes......

Erm, just to clarify over here that I did not photoshop/ do anything to the picture except watermark it. So what you see here is true. My skin become slightly fairer. :)
Those acne marks are less obvious compared to the first picture. And skin felts slightly tighter. :)

My thoughts on:

SexyLook Intensive Firming Duo Lifting mask:

It really tightens up my face, as I could feel slight tightness on my skin. It does not irritate my skin, but instead, it helps to soothe some of the blemishes that I have on my forehead. I'm not sure if its me or the mask, I realize that my skin become slightly fairer after the mask?

SexyLook Super Moisturizing Duo Lifting mask:

I'm so embarrassed that I forgotten to take photos of it and I went to apply the mask on my face right away. =.= Its really moisturizing, but somehow, I suffered breakouts on the very next day. I'm not sure if its 'cos of my body or I'm allergy to aloe vera. Just it doesn't really suit me. But then again, I will try again to see if the root of the cause is from the mask or from me. So meanwhile, I would not commend anything on this. But I believe Aloe Vera suits all skin type! Its known to soothe and heal wounds etc! So you might want to give it a try, 'cause, I might be the odd one instead. Hahaha! :)

Erm, here are some information that you might want to read for the SexyLook Super Moisturizing Duo Lifting mask:


Q10 + Aloe Vera Moisturising Mask

Penetrates deeply into fibrous tissue of skin tension and elasticity. Increases the skin moisturizing function, controls sebum and promotes skin metabolism rate. This 3D Lifting Mask with ear hooks fights against gravity and lift up the skin at your neck, mouth cheek and eyes areas.

And I got a special discount for all that is reading this now!

You can get it at the introductory price at SGD$7.90 (5 pieces in a box) instead of its usual price of SGD$8.80!! 

Get this offer exclusively at ALL leading Guardian Stores or SECRETIVE website!

And if you are purchasing from their website, here is the link to for the masks! There are quite a few ranges for you to choose from! :)


Have fun shopping!

PSPS: Fancy some free masks? Join Lush Beauty's Facebook Page and SexyLook Singapore to stand a chance to win a box of their masks! ^^ 

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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