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As I mentioned in my previous entry (If you forgotten) that I've a date with Taiwan renowned celebrity fashion and beauty stylist, Judy Lin. So i was actually very honored to be invited to have an exclusive interview with her!


Yes! Exclusive! Only 5 of us were invited! They are namely, Christy, Irene, Lenneth, Yvonne and me! Yes! I supposed you are familiar with all the bloggers that I've mentioned as they are really well known in this blogging (beauty and lifestyle) industry! Haha!


During the 30 minutes talk, we chatted with her things ranging from skincare, hair, till dressing code! I was so surprised and shocked when Miss Judy Lin invited me to sit beside her, whereby, she demonstrated to us, the better skincare regime/ makeup that is suitable for me! ^^

Here are some of the questions that we asked her.
*Note: It has been translated to English by me. We were communicating with her in Mandarin. So pardon me if the phrasing sounds a bit weird.


1.Share with us how you manage to keep yourself in tip-top condition? We’d all love to hear that!

Judy's Reply:
We must not be lazy. Keeping in good shape isn't done by 2-3 days, but instead, you must have the motivation and spend sometime to look after your skin. Don't be lazy and you though you might not see the difference now, but years down the road, you'll definitely look better than those of the same age as you.

2.I noticed that almost all of the Taiwanese have great complexion and shape! So how actually did you all do it? Mind sharing with us a tip or two, of what is your usual skin care routine?

Judy's reply:
Actually I noticed that Singaporeans have better shape than us! Haha! I guess all of us ladies out there are always trying to look good in every aspect or angle. Perhaps one of the reason is because we are all under influences of Japanese/ Korean fashion, and also, the variety shows in Taiwan. This has made us rather got this mindset that we have to be slim/fit to show certain parts? 

So as time goes by, people will start working out, keeping fit, taking of their skin/complexion/shape. I do hope that ladies here in Singapore and also spend more time and effort on their make up and skincare, and with that, I think you'll will look good!

3.Actually, this question might sound a bit weird/bored, but would you mind telling us the correct steps in a daily skin care routine?

Judy's reply:
It all starts with removing makeup as the first step. Followed by cleanser, toner, essence, lotion, moisturizer. And it varies for different case, take it for example, Singapore is always in summer mode, so hence, we always need to do some whitening all the time. All we need to do is to adjust accordingly, accordingly to the environment etc. So actually for people living in Singapore, we only need to stick to those that we needed.

4.What are the ways to prevent acne/ blemishes from attacking us? To be frank, I'm suffering from it and I’ve tried all ways and products, but it doesn't seem to last.

Judy's Reply:
Ah! That's a good question. First of all, you got to find out the root cause of it. Is it due to stress, hereditary, diet or etc? So after you find out the root cause of it, then it time to change/ minimize the cause of it.Also, try not to eat something too heaty or spicy, as it would worsen the condition.

One of the reason that causes breakout might also caused by clogged pores.
For blemish prone skin, I would suggest using something that contains some medicated ingredients, I would personally recommend using whitening series. It does not only soothe the skin, it also helps to lighten our acne scars.

Alternatively, you can also try to purchase those products that is specially formulated for blemish prone skin. :)

(Here are some of the products that she recommends)

5.I believe all of us suffer from large pores, blackheads and whiteheads, so what are the ways to keep them at bay?

Judy's Reply: 
Use some pore softener beforehand before using your normal pore clarifying methods. But do always remember to use toner to prevent your pores from enlarging.

And right after this question, I was been asked to remove my make up, and Miss Judy Lin would be applying something to soothe my face (reapplying make up for me) *Blush*

cr lenneth 2
Clearing up all traces of make up on one side of my face first.

cr lenneth
I know I looked bad. It was because I didn't sleep a wink the previous night. Oops!
Applying the toner that she recommended us.

So meanwhile, she continued her interview while helping me with my make up. So, I will be separating the photos to a few sections below.

Seriously, I got no idea why it came out in 2 tones. Okay. My face is tanner as compare to my body. -.-'

Then started applying the hydra-foundation. I don't remember what we are saying, but i'm laughing. What is it again? Hmm
Alright! This is the Hydra-Foundation that I'm talking about! I'm so gonna get it! Beauty Bistro.. (Insert puppy eyes)

6.What are few essential items you will recommend to achieve a healthy beautiful you?

Judy's reply:
Firstly, I would recommend Shill's Miracle Lift, Body Contouring control. Next, I would suggest Shill's SPF42 PA++ Sunblock Whitening Hydra-Foundation. Next, I would suggest Shill's Cold Gel Mask.

Getting better. :) I'm in good hands. ^^

7.What is good skin to you and what are your secrets to achieving good skin?

Judy's Reply:
To me, Good skin is definitely a no problem skin. The pores has got to be small, no blemishes, easily to adapt to the environment. As for the secrets, I personally think that you got to find the product that is really suitable to you.

8.Do you have any special facial massage techniques that you can impart to us?

Judy's reply:
Yes I do have. Actually I've already show some of the methods on stage...

Almost there. :)

9.What are some of the hairstyles that suits different face shapes?

Judy's reply:
Actually you can try some curls, create more hairstyles etc to make your face looks smaller. Haha!

10. For those with thin fine hair, hair often looks flat and limp. What kinds of hairstyles will make such hair look naturally thick & voluminous?

Judy's reply:
You can use Shill's Dust It powder to make it look voluminous, alternatively, you can also play alone with your curler. :)

11.How would you recommend eye bags and dark eye circles be treated?

Judy's reply:
 First of all, find the root cause of the eye bags/rings. After finding out the root cause, you can start using some creams specially formulated for dark eyerings and eyebags. Oh Ya! Always remember to massage your eyes area to make it better. :)

Final Touch-up and its done. Its so lightweight! I like!
12.For those with double chin, is there any way of minimizing it?

Judy's reply:
You got to exercise more, and also, massage the area around your double chin to stimulate blood circulation.

And the end result. Okay! My face looked so puffy! Real puffy!! And where was I looking at? :( Pardon me, I did not sleep the previous night. :(

13.You are a successful businesswoman and a famous hairstylist. Did you attend any special class or is this self-taught?

Judy's reply:
Yes, I attended styling classes in Japan back then, around 20 years ago? :)

14. Can you share with us about your journey? Have you always wanted to be a fashion stylist? Or did you stumble upon your talent by chance?

Judy's reply:
Actually, I took up various commercials while I was in my high school life, and I was so envy about those stylists that makes me appear older than I am, and creating different styles and making me feel so modern. To be, stylist is like magician, they can create all kinds of different styles. So after that, I started to study about styling. And with the help of those sponsors etc, I began to know more knowledge and etc. :)
Indeed, she used to work in the media/ entertainment line. See the ways she poses? :)

15. What are the 3 products you cant live without.

Judy's reply:
Hmm, I would say the volumising powder, the hyra-foundation and also lip gloss. :)

Envious of her! :)

And at the end of the interview, we had our group shoot. See! She's so tall! Making all of us looked so un-proportional. Haha!


Million thanks to the following companies for the wonderful event.

Beauty Bistro for the invitation (follow them for more updates and events)
Sasa Singapore and Tampines One.

And also, special credits to the following bloggers for the photos above (which I didn't have the chance to take)
Christy, Yvonne, Lenneth and Irene for the photos. Thank you!

Do stay tune for my upcoming product reviews this few days! XoXo

♥ Michelle N. 한국어 ♥

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