[Advertorial] Jean Yip Loft

I was really honored to be invited to attend and experience Jean Yip Loft and I spend my day pampering myself with the service they provide over there! :)

Allow me to briefly introduce you Jean Yip Loft alright? :)

Day View of Jean Yip Loft

Jean Yip Loft is an iconic 7 Storey building centrally located in the city, less than 30 meters away from Outram MRT Station.
Night View of Jean Yip Loft. Isn't it stunning? :)

The first of its kind in Singapore, Jean Yip Loft is a unique lifestyle concept, offering a host of beauty and wellness services such as hair and scalp care, facial, massage, spa, nail services and beauty services for both men and women.
Its actually less than 30m away from Outram MRT Station, and its directly located behind of the bus stop!

Upon Reaching, you will be greeted with friendly customer service officers! :)
Level 1: Lifestyle Cafe & Retail
And upon entering, this is what you will see first. Aww~ I like!

See those vases of colorful flowers? You can actually purchase it home if you like! :)

To be frank, I got the sudden urge to buy all back! But then, my wallet is calling me for help! :(

The other side of first floor! Its all filled with products!

Level 2: Multi-Purpose Hall

You can actually chilled and grab some tea and drinks after your service. Its specially meant for all Jean Yip Loft customers! ^^

Some of the decoration you will see! Its so homely!

Oh! This is what you will be greeted upon alighting from the lift. :)

Level 3: Scalp Services (Oriental Hair Solutions)

Oriental Hair Solution is actually a sister brand of Jean Yip. That is why the whole of 3rd floor is specially reserved for them! :)

Look at those counters, those armchairs! Seriously, I really fall asleep while doing my treatment there. The armchair is simply, marvelous!!

Level 4: Massage/Hand, Foot & Nail Spa

The one stop floor for all hand/ foot massages, Manicure/ Pedicure. :) Be Pampered for choice!

The Manicure section. I simply love the way they arranges/ decorate the area!!

See! All the nail products are neatly placed inside this HUGE Cabinet! (If only my room can filled them all!)

Level 5: Ladies Wellness Spa
Erm, I simply can't resist snapping the leopard print lamp.Hur hur~

Some Magazines for you to read while you're waiting for your friends. :)

FYI, Each room is specially decorated with different themes! ^^

Here are just some of the themes you will see. :)

OH! I forgot to mention that this level is specially reserved for ladies only. Yup, Ladies only, no guys allowed! LOL

Level 6: Beauty, Slimming & Wellness Spa

Again, its filled with different themes and layouts again. ;)

Oh! There's actually couple rooms available for couples to enjoy the services together, in their own room! :) How thoughtful!

(The small spa section for the couple to enjoy) Hehe!

Yeap, and not to forget, the foot reflexology area. :)

And and and!!! The one that tempted me the most!! full body whitening, age-defying and slimming machine. It looks so futuristic and I love how it is able to target every part of your face, body and back!^^

Level 7: Roof Top Spa Pool & Bar

Its for you to chill out after a long long day~ :) You can even booked the whole floor down for some private function!

Day view of the bar

Evening/ Night view of the bar! :)

Day view of the pool. *There's people dipping in the pool, hence, I cant take any close shots of it. LOL*

And Lastly, the evening/ Night view of the pool. :)

After exploring and know more about Jean Yip Loft, its time for me to take a break and to satisfy my urge of having something sweet and also, my sore feet. >.< So here I am, back to level 2 again for another round of pampering session. :) 
How can I resist not sitting on it? LOL

The different types of Lipton Teas for you to try and sip on! ;)

The desert counter. They have their desert of the day too. :)

My small pampering session once again.


I'm hungry again upon looking at this photo. Gosh!!

Okay, some random display flowers that I can't take my eyes off. >.<

And not to forget, I was given a bag of products before I left the building. So thoughtful of them! ^^

The packaging is so striking enough to make me open up for more. LOL

Aw~ generous retail size products from them! Thank you!! :))
This marks the end of my date with Jean Yip. I hope you guys finds the information useful. ;) A million thanks to Christine from Jean Yip again for the invitation and showing me around! And not to forget, the team at Jean Yip Loft who attends to all my needs. Thank you guys, you guys makes my day! :)

And here are some of the information that you might need:

307 New Bridge Road, Singapore, Singapore 088757 

Contact Number:

Operating Hours: 
Mon – Sat 11am to 11pm

Sun and PH 11am to 7pm

Facebook Page:

**PS: If you would like to view more pictures/ photos of Jean Yip Loft, you might want to visit my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63023927@N05/sets/72157627546483681/

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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