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Today's topic will be touching on girls sensitive issue, so guys... you know what I meant yeap? :)

Being a woman, buying cosmetic, hair, body and facial products are not only things that one will need. It had came to a point that many woman, especially younger generation are neglecting their intimate zone, and not listening to what their intimate zone is voicing out to them.


We'll always spend parts of our pays to visit hair salons, nail salons, departmental stores to get all things done to make one feel and look good, but.... how about our intimate zone? 0.0

Many would just simply think that we just need to cleanse and maintain the area clean with just normal body shampoo, but have you ever wondered if our little precious are able to take it? Have it ever crossed your mind that it is too acidic for our intimate zone to actually take it? :)


Well, for me, I used to think that cleansing my precious with normal soaps/ body cleanser is more than enough as my mindset was that, if body cleanser can cleanse my body well, why not for my intimate area, isn't it? :P  And of course, of all of doesn't wish to smell bad on our down-south, am I right? Most of us would specially get special treatment done, such as getting monthly waxing, shaving, grooming or anything you name it. Its not only to smell nice and pleasant, its also part of our grooming. :)


But, with that is not enough! We really need a cleanser specially made for our intimate area! Just when I was looking for a reputable brand, Lactacyd team sent me their blogger kit for me to use! Oh man! It was a great relief and I can't wait to share with you! Oh yes, there would be a giveaway at the end of the entry, so bare with me meanwhile! :)
As above are some of the products/ things we used to maintain and keep our precious healthy, clean.

How many of us here actually aware that the above products are actually the most basic, yet necessary item in our bathroom? :)

Lactacyd® has been specially developed to respect the fragile natural balance of your intimate area.


Lactacyd® contains natural active ingredients (milk extracts), e.g. lactic acid, which is produced naturally by your body to protect your intimate area.

Very convenient for daily use, Lactacyd:
  • ensures gentle and effective cleansing
  • protects you against irritations, burning sensations and mal odors
  • gives you a long-lasting sensation of cleanliness and freshness.

Do You Know?

The pH of your intimate area is naturally acidic (between 3.5 and 5.5)

Regular soaps/liquid soaps can be aggressive because of their higher pH which can disturb the fragile natural balance of this area and thus lead to unpleasant symptoms appearing.

Many other factors can also disturb the natural balance in your intimate area:

  • menstruation, pregnancy, menopause
  • oral contraception, antibiotics
  • sperm
  • diabetes
  • tampons, pantyliners, synthetic underwear, tight clothing…
So Why Lactacyd?
  • Well Established and is the recommended brand by healthcare professionals.
  • World's No 1 feminine hygiene brand
  • And it contains 2 key factors:
- Lactic Acid: FACILITATES the growth of GOOD bacteria, SLOWS down the multiplication of BAD bacteria.
-Lactoserum: Helps lock in lactic acid onto the skin - let it last longer. (Protection beyond cleansing, protect against odor and irritation)


What I love about Lactacyd products:

Easy to carry in one's bag/ pouch
The quality assurance
Cotton-like texture for the wipes

It is design in such a way that you can grab it easily
Easy to pour, easy access :)

The milky white gel. It has this nice fragrance though! :P
My Review: 

After using Lactacyd feminine wash for almost a month now, I really can't leave my bathroom without it. It has became a necessity of my life now and I'm loving how clean and fragrant it leaves down there. LOL! 

Especially for me, my job requires me to frequently changes from normal fashion wear to lingerie, to swimsuits and more. How can I smell bad over there and of course, it built up my confidence infront of the camera and crew too! 

For times when I have my period, I would use the wipes to after visiting the toilet to clean my precious area, and also, leave down a slightly floral smell down there. Somehow, it just freshens me up! I would really hope every ladies out there to give it a try, it won't harm you anyway! I'm pretty sure that most of you will fall in love with it too!

Oh! the last thing I love about all these is its price too! Rest assured that you get what you pay. Nope, its not expensive at all! ^.^ Be amazed by how it handles your delicate area. ;)

For more details, you might want to visit Lactacyd's Facebook page for more details, and you might want to have your worries addressed to by them too! :)

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