[Advertorial] Benico 3D Mask

Benico 3D masks are formulated with different skin-friendly natural extracts, each with their own unique skin care properties to meet different needs, efficiently delivering core nutrients to the deepest part of your skin to thoroughly moisturize, promoting resilience and vitality.

The silky soft mask sheet is make of 100% pulp fabric and tailored with a specialized 3D cutting to enable the mask to adhere closely to the contours of your face, effectively locking in moisture and thus, allowing better absorption, resulting in firmer, clearer skin! :)

Benico 3D Sheet Mask is also designed to be used hot or cold to enhance the effects of their respective key ingredients, at the same time, providing a relaxing and/or refreshing therapeutic experience.


Benico 3D Sheet Masks also contains Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate to prevent acne and outbreaks, Vitamin E & Collagen for smoother, supple skin, and Hamamelis Extract to tighten pores and skin! :)
There are 2 types of masks available, Hot Mask and Cold Mask.

Most of us would have heard of cold mask, but hot mask?? 0.0
The hot and cold masks, respectively.

The full range of masks to help you identify on the type of masks that you need. ;)

I Shall focus on the hot mask instead, since its rather RARE to see people using/raving hot masks. :)

I have with me, the Royal Jelly (Anti-Aging) 3D mask. Its is formulated with Royal Jelly Extract and is enhanced with
  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate that prevents acne and outbreaks,
  • Vitamin E and Collagen for firmer, smoother skin,
  • Hamamelis Extracts that tightens skin and pores!
One of the reason why I love Benico mask is because its make in Korea. Yes. I've always love Korea masks. They never fail to bring a smile on my face, and most of the Korea masks doesn't irritates my skin/ breakouts.


Try this today! Apply it as a hot mask instead of your normal chill mask and experience the difference! I can assured you that you'll be pleased with the result!

Heat the mask by soaking the seal packet in a bowl of warm water (preferably around 40 Degree Celsius) for 5 minutes. After that, apply on your skin for 5-10 minutes and let the mask work for you! ^^

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**PS: I'm trying my best to get the same lighting. But apparently it fails. So please ignored the difference in the lighting and color tone.

My Review: 

Pardon the difference in the lighting. I got to admit that the lighting and color tone doesn't really matches with the "before" photo. Pictures can't do any justice to how wonderful this mask is actually. It definitely helps brighten and somehow, slightly lighten my skin tone, but its not as exaggerate as the "after" photo obviously! Haha! If you ever noticed, pores did somehow shrinks and face become smoother. I believed that with regular usage, skin will definitely turns out better and firmer! 
What's more! Its affordable, reputable and its so packed with goodness in every sealed packet. Okay, it might be slightly pricy for some readers, but think of the good side, its always better to invest on a good product rather than investing tons of your money on some other cheap, yet not really obvious improvements, yeah? :)

Price And Where To Get It:

It is exclusively available at all Watsons Outlets Islandwide (Singapore), and is sold at SGD$2.90 per piece. 

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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