Its not like we won't be loney?

Love so much, and yet, been hurt even more. 
Done so much, and yet, been more lonely.
I thought you were my last, thinking that being gentle won't hurts.
But, I'm wrong.

I've said everything and my heart's been withdrawn.
My spirit's been drawn out and my dreams have collapsed. 
If I can't make you understand, then I can't make you happy.
So, I would let it go.

I return you back your freedom,
While I still feel you.
For, I'm the one who love you the most.
What benefits does love gives?
Its not like we won't be lonely either 
And we still lose as much.

I'm once again forsaken in your world
And staying on has no more promise 
Its not as happy as we used to 
I'm silent, you're emotional 
I'm lost, you're feeling nothing
We no longer used to yielding, instead, we like to pursue now.
And finally, I understood

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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