[Assignment] Wish Trend 3rd Blind Test December 2011- Answer Reavealed!

Yes! The results for the 3rd Wish Trend Blind Test was finally out, after long anticipation! If you have missed my post earlier on, you can still check it out here: http://www.michellenk.com/2011/12/assignment-wish-trend-blind-test.html

Here are the bloggers that was involved in this Blind Test. Yes, you heard me right, it involves bloggers from various countries! As you can see, there are Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines bloggers! ^^

View their results here! You'll be surprised by their individual answer! LOL!

Wish Trend 3rd Blind Test Result: Results Here

And.... The Ultimate BB cream winner is........

Find out more here! Results Here

Once again, million thanks to Wish Trend for the collaboration! See you guys soon!

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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