My sweet surprise from Fiesta Team

Remember in one of my old posts late last year, I've posted a short entry on my sudden surprise from The Fiesta Team? Click here if you had missed it!

It was really a shocking and sweet surprise from them and they are really generous enough to send me so many items! Not just one, not two, but 3 jewelries that worth over HKD$1000 for me. So sweet of them!!
And yes, it actually came on the right time, just right before Christmas and New Year then! And guess what? I've been wearing them to various function and events and with that, I've received several compliments on the jewelries!

PS: Why no one compliments me on my make up too.. T.T

I've also decided to share my joy with my friends and readers and yup, I took tons and tons of photos just to show you how pretty the items are, but then.... Blame it on my photography skills, I just can't seems to get the right feel.. And for that moment, I think I better stick back to my modeling instead. LOL! *Whispers* And that explain why it took donkey years for me to update this post. Oops! >.<



Nicely wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent the items inside getting spoil. :) So thoughtful of them!!

The Box. I love how the items are presented!



Nothing beats having a heartfelt greeting card!! It melts me instantly~ Awww~

I can't believe I got warranty for Jewelries too! Okay, perhaps I really don't know! LOL!!
And the gorgeous jewels inside. Its simply captivating and breath-taking! 

All of the jewels are made from 925 silver, which means even for the most sensitive skin like me, who is actually super allergy to metals, can actually wear it without worrying about getting rashes and stuffs. I've had it on for 24/7 and nothing happen to me! :)

A close up shot of the individual charms. I personally love this the most! Its so unique and suits me real well!

The Paws~ I'm a dog lover, hence, that explains why I love this too~ :P

A simple design for a normal casual day out. :)

Pardon my lousy photography skills, I know I'm horrible at taking those jewelries shots, but one has to learn before he knows how to fly isn't it? :) It's my first try taking such shots, so don't criticize me too much okay?! Haha!! :)

And actually I wanted to post up those shots that I've took during the festive seasons, but.... someone went to format my memory card!!! And all those memories were gone... I'm so sad!! T.T

Anyway, for those whom are interested to know and see more of the designs, you may like to visit their website at for more details!

Once again, thank you Fiesta Team for the awesome products! I cant wait to see more of your lovely products! ^^

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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