A New Year, A New Start!

Hi Everyone! I'm finally back from my busy schedule and finally got the time to blog! Its 2012 and its gonna be a brand new year, a brand new start! 2011 has been a long year for me, in which, I get to know more people, more sponsors and advertisers and many more!

In 2011, I've met countless people, be it good or bad. Some wanted a piece of me, some wanted to screw me up, some wanted to frame me, and some, they just want some sexual intercourse. Yes, I've seen them all, and filtered them away, and now, I only contact with those that are genuine and trust-able friends.

And of course, not to forget, I've met new sponsors and companies, and that, they are nice people. They opened up more opportunities for me and given me more than other companies would. I'm really glad that I've met those people, and will continue to work with them.

I've met new sponsors all around the world, not only in Singapore, but also from Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia etc. They are so friendly and attended to all my needs, and yes, I love them so much! How I wish I could fly there and meet them in person! ^^

And my resolution for Year 2012 is to earn more money, getting my health back and of course, enjoy myself to the fullest! And yes, since the start of 2012, I've been busy working and working, and hence, my blog is so dead. I'll be back soon after this, and will be bringing my blog to a higher level soon!

And before I sign off, here's one of the video I took during the countdown! :)

**PS: I'm turning 21 soon, and its time I really step in to the real adult world. Hopefully, things would go on smoothly without any major hiccups! 

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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