[Advertorial Review] LoveMore Wine Yeast Whitening Mask Sheet

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The secret of Baby-soft skin - Wine Yeast

You must have learned about the story behind the soft and youthful hands of Sake brewery women.

A great discovery by scientists on this protein-rich magic ingredient for skin refining effect!


Why Wine Yeast?

It was not until people discovered the miracle of wine-brewing old ladies' hands looking as smooth and soft as a young girl.

The scientists then found out the amazing magic of wine yeast on skin beauty! 

Wine yeast is mild and refines skin well regardless of age and gender, resulting in fair and soft supple skin! 

PS: I'm pretty sure most of us have heard of a super luxury beauty brand which uses the extract/essence of the wine yeast? Now we have a similar option, with just a fraction of the price! How lovely! ♥

Why Choose LoveMore Wine Yeast Whitening Mask Sheet?: 


  • Its rich in rice lees extract, which can effectively brighten up the skin, provides hydration and activate rejuvenation. 
  • Rich in protein and beautiful skin enzymes, it renders you the delicate white skin with vivid and youth while being mild to the skin and would not cause any irritation.
  • Combining with deep ocean water extracted from 200 meters undersea where sunlight and atmosphere is isolated, it is almost free from bacteria or any kinds of pollution.
  • Rich in Magnesium, Calcium and other minerals, it actively rejuvenates skin.
  • Nutrients can deeply penetrate into the skin, leaving it healthier and more translucent than ever.
The Main Ingredient List: 

ZC From Taiwan Product - 01

  • Wine Yeast Extracts

  • Licorice Extracts

  • Citric Acid

  • Hyaluronic Acid

Usage Direction: 

  1. After washing, apply toner. Pull out mask sheet from the package and unfold.
  2. Tear off/Take out the white pearl-like sheet, leave it aside/throw away.
  3. Carefully fit mask over face. 
  4. Next, tear off/peel out the blue gaze-like material from the silk sheet and gently use your fingers to adhere/contour to your face. 
  5. Finally, peel off the silk sheet after 10-20 minutes. Pat the remaining essence into skin. 
** You may want to use the remaining essence and silk sheet on your neck area too! Don't neglect the neck area~ ♥

My Review: 


When I got my hands on the wine yeast whitening mask, I was literally like a small kid with her new toy! I simply couldn't wait to try that on! 

LoveMore is always one of my favorite brand, and that, I always trust and believe that the company is always on the road to surprise and develop more varieties for the consumers!

They always never fail to surprise and impress me! ♥


And yes, they did, with a new series of mask sheet, which I have actually the whole series of it, but I will be reviewing this Wine Yeast Whitening Mask first, since I've already used it! :P

To be honest, I did not took any photos of the mask sheet, as I was really tired on that day and literally dozed off with the mask on my face. 

There is something different on this series from our usual mask sheets. Apart from the standard 2 layer sheets inside (1 actual mask sheet and another plastic material sheet), it actually had an additional blue gaze material. 

The silk sheet which is completely soak with the generous amount of essence adheres to my face perfectly, giving my skin the best result. 


After using for the first time, I actually noticed that my skin is significantly more supple and soft to the touch. I strongly believe that one can definitely achieves the best results if you use it frequently. 

Who says that only the most luxurious brand will do the trick? Sometimes, it's just not about the pricing, is the result that really matters, without spending a bomb.  ♥

Retail Selling Price: 

It is currently selling at the price of Sgd$2.90 (U.P: $3.90) per piece. You can get it at all authorize dealer shops.

You might want to get it from Secretive Pte Ltd!  They are their Local Exclusive Distributor!

*PS: You can buy the mask here! They have stocked up and I believe that there's limited quantities, grab fast yeah? http://www.secretive.sg/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=76&products_id=498


Beware of Non-Authentic LoveMore products! Always remember that the real Love More products has this authenticity sticker:


Managed to see their logo on the stickers? :)


And this is what you will see when you view at all angles!

*PS: For your own safety, please do not buy any masks from any doubtous source! Its always better to be safe than sorry! ♥

Do keep a lookout as I will be posting more Love♥More products in these few weeks! A million thanks to my all time sponsor, Secretive Pte Ltd for the generous amount of products and their TLC. ♥ Its always my pleasure to work with your company! ♥

♥ Michelle N.황흔이♥

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