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Although October is ending soon, but I just thought of sharing something with all of you here. If you are aware, October is the pink ribbon month -- The breast cancer awareness month! Yes, you heard me, BREAST!!! One of the most important asset for female, a part which guys are usually draw by it, a part which newborns gets their food (milk) etc etc.

Yes, I am aware that October is ending soon, but I just wanna say that sharing is caring too! It would also serve as a reminder/ awareness to public the importance of having regular checkups and self examination too! :)

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer not just in Singapore, but also, most of the countries too! All women are at risk of getting breast cancer, and the chances of developing it increases with age.   Actually, many people would think that it only happens to females only, but there are actually cases guys do suffer from it too! No joke about it, so better to be safe than sorry.

The Cruel Fact:

All women are at risk of getting breast cancer, and the chances of developing it increases with age. Your risk increases if:

  • You are 50 years or older and/or
  • Your mother, sister or daughter has had breast cancer
The good news is, early detection can increase your chance of survival. Hence, every woman aged 50 and above should screen regularly for breast cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is cancer that starts in the breast tissues. As with most cancers, the exact cause of breast cancer is not known. Experts believe that it may be due to genetic and environmental factors.

Other Risk Factors

The chances of getting breast cancer increases with age; other risk factors for breast cancer include:
  • Having a family history of breast cancer
  • A history of malignant or benign (non-cancerous) breast disease
  • A history of ovarian cancers
  • Early onset of menstruation
  • Late menopause
  • Having first child after the age of 30
  • Having fewer children or never having children
  • Being on hormone replacement therapy
  • Weight gain, especially after menopause
However, the absence of these risk factors does not mean that one is protected against breast cancer. Regular screening and performing breast self-examination are important for early detection of breast cancer, as early stages of the disease may not have any symptoms.

Regular Checkups/ Self-Examination: 

*Early breast cancer usually does not have any symptoms. This is why regular mammograms are important. If you experience any of the symptoms described below, please see your doctor immediately.

Love Your Breast, Listen to them.

If your mammogram results are normal, you should still continue with your monthly breast self-examination and regular mammogram once every two years.

If your results are abnormal and you are asked to go for further tests, do not panic. Out of every 10 women who need further tests, 9 will have normal results. Having to go for further tests does not mean you have cancer.

The test(s) you need will depend on your mammogram result. The doctor will recommend suitable tests for you, such as:
  • Repeat mammogram where different views of the breasts are taken
  • Ultrasound where sound waves are used to see the breast tissue
 Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

The best way to protect yourself from breast cancer is to go for regular mammograms. Doing monthly breast self-examination also keeps you aware of any changes to your breasts.

(1)    Go for a mammogram every two years

During the process, a female radiographer will put your breast between two flat plastic plates and compress for a few seconds. This is performed on one breast at a time.  Some discomfort may be felt but it is important for the breast tissue to be compressed in order to take a clear X-ray.

(2)    Practice monthly breast self examination

Lifestyle Change:

 Apart from all the preventive measurements, it is also recommended to change some of your lifestyle too! :)
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Stay physically active
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low in fats
  • Take less than one alcoholic drink a day or avoid alcohol completely
** Most References are taken from HPB Singapore.

Along with www.Sweetjellybean.com, one of the influential blogger and a sweet friend of mine, we will be showing our support to all the affected parties to know that we're right here fighting with them, and telling them not to give up! :)

(You are welcome to grab this badge to embed in your site too! Code here: )

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Please feel free to show your support by spreading the word around! You know, social media really plays a huge part now a days! Heh! 

Showing Your Love: 

 Its always never too late to show your love to the affected parties! If you would like to do a donation for the parties, you are always welcome to show your love here: http://www.justgiving.com/Blog ‘n Raise It.

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You might want to share it out too, all for a good cause! :)

** Thank you my dear sweetjellybean for the reference! :)


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