[Advertorial Review] IMYSS Waterfull Rubycell Vibration Puff

With the recent beauty trend, you might have noticed that vibration items/tools are taking over the world, and you could see that many beauty bloggers, and even known make up artists and gurus are raving the wonders of vibration beauty tools and gadgets!


**Are you still using your fingers, beauty blenders, sponge or even brush to apply foundation and/or BB creams? Well, its time for a change then!


And of course, I got my hands on one of the latest innovation, IMYSS Waterfull Rubycell Vibration Puff from Korea too! :)


IMYSS Waterfull Rubycell Vibration Puff


Imyss Waterful Rubycell Vibration Puff is currently gaining unbelievable popularity in
Korea and Japan. It has even become one of the must have cosmetic applicator by Korean ladies.


The Endorsers and The Catch: 


And needless to say, the ambassadors of IMYSS Waterfull Rubycell Vibration puff are the sensational ever-famous Korean boy band, 2AM! 


And with that, IMYSS Waterfull Rubycell Vibration Puff packaging is available in 4 celebrities designs, and each packaging are a full image of the individual 2AM boys - Jo Kwon, Seulong, Changmin and Jinwoon! Are you spoilt for choice? I am! Hahaha! 

Whats The Rave? 


IMYSS is a new upcoming Korean brand which is one of Beauty Bistro's brand that is making way in Singapore.


Introducing Korea's latest foundation applicator, the IMYSS Waterfull Rubycell Vibration Puff. Achieve professional makeup coverage with the vibration puff which provides better coverage than brush or finger application methods. 


With 16,000 vibrations per minute,the vibration puff spreads both BB cream and liquid foundation evenly to cover up visible pores. 

It also promotes maximum coverage and makes BB cream or liquid foundation adhere to the skin much better. Patches and blotches will be your last worry!

The Features: 

  • Stylish design. Ultra lightweight water drop shape. Ease of carrying around.

  • 19

  • 16,000 vibrations per minute ensure stable and fast makeup. Improves coverage, shine and adhesion of product,
  • Upgraded cell puff helps makeup stays on longer each day.
  • Small amounts of foundation for maximum effects.

The Parts and Functions: 

Let's have a detailed breakdown of every parts of the Vibration puff and its various functions:




Part 1: 

The ON/OFF Switch Button. 
Part 2: 

The Battery Compartment. 
Part 3: 

The Puff/ Puff Replacement Section
Part 4: 

The Cover. 

The Various Test/ Review: 

I've also tried and tested various tests with the vibration puff, and below are some of my conclusion.

The Orange Test: 

An orange under normal close up setting. 


Under normal lighting. BB cream applied on the left using hand, and using the vibration puff on the right. Do note that the left side requires more BB cream usage in order to achieve a better pore coverage. 


And under flash and macro close up.


As you can see on the photos, the left side has inconsistent patches and is more cakey and un-natural than the one of the right. It also clogs up the pores/holes on the left side. 

The Residue Test: 

In this test, I removed the BB cream from the orange with just a piece of makeup wipe each, and here's the result. 

Noticed that the one of the left has more residue than the one on the right. Only a small amount of residue is being clear up by the remover, whereas the one of the right is significantly clearer.
The Face Test:

In this test, I applied the same amount of BB creams on the face, and here are the result, after applying and before and concealer or loose powder. 

Hand applied in normal lighting: 

nor lighting

Hand applied in flash and close up look: 


Using IMYSS Vibration Brush in normal Lighting: 

imyss nor lighting

Using IMYSS Vibration Brush in flash and close up mode: 


My Review: 

As you can notice from the face test above, the make up is slightly glower, better and less patchy/ uneven than the normal application. It does cover up the pores and other imperfection better. For areas with more imperfection, I would suggest going over it a few times to achieve better coverage. 


It does adhere to my skin without feeling having any makeup on, and it caught my surprise that it actually still covers my imperfection rather well too! I noticed that I only need a smaller amount of what I've always been using to get the same result. In the long run, it does saves my makeup usage. :)


With the 16 000 vibrations per minute, it makes make up application easier and faster. I could easily put on my foundation/BB cream in just a few minutes, and it just simply acts as a robot hands, saving you the hassle of continuously tapping the BB cream with your fingers. 


The sleek designs enables you to grab hold of the product better and its really super lightweight. Its easy to carry around too and it won't mess up your hand with all the liquid foundation/BB cream. With that, one would suffer from lesser skin contamination and decreases the chance of having a breakout. 

Its easy to operate (user friendly) and washing the puff is even easier. I would really recommend this to especially sensitive skin. Its worth the bucks for that. :)



Availability And Pricing: 

IMYSS Waterfull Rubycell Vibration Puff is available at Beauty Bistro online store, Beauty Bistro's retail counters at BHG, John Little and selected Watsons. Their retail price is going for $42.90.

View more information on the vibration puff here: http://www.beautybistro.com/product_info.php?products_id=329

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