[Advertorial] Riche - Bespoke Perfume Bottle Hand Engraving Service

Look what greeted me on my bed after a long day! Hmm... something FRAGILE???

Yippee!!! The parcel is an advance Christmas present from Riche LLP :D



Riche LLP is a Singapore-based fragrance store offering designer fragrances and one-of-a-kind perfume bottle engraving service on the Internet. As their slogan states, they are dedicated to “exclusivity beyond luxury.” They offer a bespoke hand engraving service for customers interested in turning their designer fragrances into quality gifts and personal mementos.


I’m sure you’ve heard of engraving on wedding rings, Apple’s products, watches, etc. but probably not on perfumes right? I’ll unveil what they've done for me in just a short while :P :P :P


Riche’s branded fragrances originate from authorized distributors that source directly from the fragrance houses, and are supplied by reputable wholesalers that they know and trust. The perfumes are exactly the same as those found in the leading department stores (e.g. Tangs, Isetan, Takashimaya, etc.) and are guaranteed to be authentic and brand new.

Check out the distributor tag of my new Gucci Premiere below. See how recent is the manufacture date!


Besides, the prices of their perfumes are much more affordable in comparison to the department stores! ***SHOPPING QUEEN MODE ACTIVATED***


Riche LLP is currently the one and only fragrance retailer in Singapore that provides engraving service on perfume bottles. We’ve seen many machine-engraved products in the market, so how about something different, say one that is uniquely personalized with the touch of a human hand instead? Each piece of hand-engraved work is skillfully crafted with a whole lot of passion and dedication—the fruit of pure hard labour.

 So, what can you engrave exactly? The possibilities are endless as to what can be engraved. Their order page gives you an option to upload an artwork and/or a desired font of your choice, but that’s if you need something more than a text message in one of the three standard fonts available. You can request to engrave the recipient’s name, initials/monogram, a special date, a personal message or even a sketch based on a photograph.


With prices starting from S$30, you can now customized your own perfume bottle and transform it into a FASHION STATEMENT!!!


It’s time to reveal the surprise :) Here’s the customized bottle that Riche designed for me.


My name in Hangul (황현이) on one side. 


My Hangul name in romanized form (Hwang Hyun Yi) on the other side.

My heart melted the moment I saw the bottle! Pictures simply can’t justify how pretty and eye-catching it is in real life. Thank you so much Riche!!! ♥

To be honest, I’m really impressed by the work of Riche LLP’s master engraver. He must have poured all his heart and soul into my Gucci Premiere. The level of craftsmanship as seen is second to none IMO!
Now, if you were to ask me to decide between machine engraving and hand engraving, I would definitely go for the latter without hesitation. The allure of uniqueness displayed in a piece of hand-engraved work is simply too captivating to resist. Different depths and thicknesses characterise individual strokes and this is just one of the fundamental elements that make it ONE IN A MILLION!


Call me a freak but I feel as though there’s a touch of happiness that’s infused into my Gucci Premiere since it never fails to light up my mood every time I see and use it!

Here comes the golden question. Are you running out of gift ideas lately? Contact RICHE LLP today for a hand engraving quotation! You can even WhatsApp them for an immediate response :)


@_@ FREE?! Yes indeed! Riche is running a FREE “Merry Christmas” Engraving Promotion for the first 25 customers from now till 12 Dec 2012. But… what if you are very unfortunate to be the 26th customer? Fret not! Continue reading and you’ll know what I mean ;)

There are also irresistible discounts on selected fragrances for both women and men.

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, NOW is the time! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!


With the season of giving approaching, Mr Santa is going to be very generous to my lovely readers this year. An additional 10 slots have been added to the FREE “Merry Christmas” Engraving Promotion and these are reserved exclusively for you only!

Is that all there is? Of course not! There’s just one last gift for all of you! Unravel the mystery here >>> FAN EXCLUSIVES (“Like” the FB page to "unwrap" the gift :P)

♥♥♥ Till Next time! ♥♥♥


♥ Michelle N.황현이♥

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