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Ever since the launch of the smart phones, I have been relying heavily on the pre-installed map service on my phone back then. To be honest, it really helps me a lot, but, for many apple users, I guess that the map service that is included in the software after the recent update doesn't really serve much of its purpose eh?


Just then, the well-known Street Directory team informed me about their new mobile app service! Its definitely one of the best Map Apps that I've used thus far!

If you are following them long enough, you might have noticed that they have been constantly upgrading their apps to make it more user friendly!


Here are some of the reason why I like this app:

User-Friendly interface


User experience is rather an important factor for me, as that really directly helps me to decide if I'd continue using the app again. For this, apart from simple touches to get my results, it doesn't really hang/lag thus far. 

Estimated Bus Arrival Time


Yes! With this, I can now have a rough estimated time for the next bus! No more waiting endlessly or even clueless on the next bus availability. ^^

List of businesses in a specific building


And now comes the best part!


I can now have all the necessary information whenever I need help with directions! Like what we see over here, I was presented with few options and duration of per route chose, and even the estimated cost of it! I like this the most! I can now finally have a gauge on which to choose with just a touch! ^^

For drivers: 


Real time traffic updates for different expressways.

Offline Maps


You can now download maps for different countries and use it offline! :)

And finally, the directory of all the things that you might need!

Singapore Directory: 


You can now find all the things here, ranging from food to leisure to even medical! 

There are actually quite a long more things in the app! You can download for FREE here! 

I phone/I Pad Users: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/singapore-maps/id388128906

Android Users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=streetdirectory.mobile

♥ Michelle N.황현이♥

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