Asience Leave-on Hair Treatments

Stepping out of house with the perfect hair, only to find your confidence waning by mid-day? With Singapore’s humid weather creating undesirable frizz and flyaway, having silky-smooth hair would seem almost unattainable.  


Achieving beautiful hair that lasts all day is just a step away with the New ASIENCE Leave-On Hair Treatment range. Containing ASIENCE’s exclusive Beauty Essences (Lotus Flower, Camellia Oil, Pearl and Shell Ginger Leaf), the range provides intensive repair and moisturizes hair from within.

Enhanced with a hair ‘veiling’ ingredient, ASIENCE’s advanced Moisture-Lock Complex retains moisture to give long-lasting smoothness and manageability, so you can flaunt those silky tresses at any moment, everyday!   


Long-lasting silkiness with New ASIENCE Leave-On Hair Treatment range. Available in three formats, for smoothness and manageability that last all day. Complement your hair care regime with this luxurious Leave-on Treatment that pampers your hair like no other. The New ASIENCE Leave-On Hair Treatment range comes in three different formats – Oil, Milk and Water- to suit the preferences of every Asian woman. 

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Water (200ml)



Light as water, it instantly repairs and retains moisture without weighing your hair down.

Usage Direction:


ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Milk (100ml)



Nourishing yet non-greasy, it instantly repairs and retains moisture to keep hair beautifully soft and healthy.

Usage Direction:


ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Oil (28ml)



Concentrated yet non-oily, it intensively repairs and retains moisture to keep hair glossy and healthy.

Usage Direction:


Finding the suitable one: 

Wondering what's the most suitable bottle for you? Read on: 

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Water : For Tangled and Untamed Hair

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Milk: For dry and frizzy hair

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Oil: For Severely Dry and Damaged Hair


They are really my life saver. Why would I say that? Not only it serves as a treatment, it also helps me in my styling too! Here's why: 


Leave On Treatment Water: As it is really very lightweight, I usually use it on days where I just wish to stay at home or even when I'm out, as a finishing touch to the hair. It can helps to retain moisture, even in a humid weather like Singapore. 

Leave On Treatment Milk: This is my favorite of the lot~ I really used it for styling, especially so if I am tying a high pony tail! Before styling, I would usually pump a drop or two and apply it on my hair.

And after styling, I would brush on a little bit more, (if it is still fizzy) and it will make my hair instantly smooth and silky! Your fingers can run through it without any obstacles. I would specially recommend this on dates as it smells really nice without feeling oily, yet helps to make hair smooth and silky! ㅋㅋㅋ   


Leave On Treatment Oil: I usually use this on weekends, or whenever I let my hair down. A drop is enough for my split ends! My split ends instantly feels revived, but bare in mind though, not to apply too much! You wouldn't want to end up looking like you have not washed your hair for days! 하하하하!!!  

I would recommend this to those that is heavily bleached, or frequently dyeing your hair, like me, as you hair end tends to be the oldest, and weakest, and also, the most unhealthy looking of all.. This will help, really! :)

Photo Review:

Before: (After towel-dried)


Hair is tangled, in a messed and its rather difficult to brush through.


After: (With 3 pumps of Asience Leave-On Treatment Milk)


Way before I use the focus mode on my camera, you can already see how shiny and silky it is now. It is really quite easy to run my comb and fingers through the hair now! SO, imagine if I were to tie it up to a ponytail.... 


Retail Prices:

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment range retails at $14.90 and is available from April’2013 at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies.

 ♥ Michelle 황현이 ♥

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