Happy Mother's Day and Glass Anatomy

To All The Mothers Out There:  

해피 어머니의 날! Happy Mother's Day to all the greatest mothers in the earth!

Whether you are a past, a present, or soon to be moms, may your day be filled with love, joy and laughter! 

To My Dearest 엄마,

Though you are not longer by my side, you will still be in my heart forever. You are the best 엄마 I ever had.. 엄마, 난 당신을 사랑합니다..  Life has never been perfect. It probably never will. But I will never ever lose hope, because I know I always have you to stand by me even if the whole world falls apart. I love you mother, so much more than you even know. Happy Mother’s day to you. 

♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ ♥.♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ ♥.♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ ♥.♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥ .♥

Headed over to watch Glass Anatomy The Musical last weekend, with courtesy from Confirm Trading

It is really a good show not to be missed. I really enjoyed watching the musical. What really impressed me is that although it is in Mandarin, but it does provides English Subtitles!

Here's the summary of the musical: 

Have you ever wondered where your childhood friends have gone? When has home turned so crowded and foreign?  Through these changing times and growing years, TOY FACTORY presents, . A masterpiece that has taken 12 years to produce and 3 years to gather the best creative talents and designers across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Argentina and Singapore.  

Adapted from the Taiwan movie, “Papa, can you hear me sing?”, that took the entire Asia by storm and set the record for the highest number of nominations ever received at the 20th Golden Horse Awards. The essence of the movie is created by vocal powerhouse - Su Rei’s numerous classic hits such as , < The Same Moonlight>, and . Chart-topping Mandopop Queen, Ding Dang, will take on her first ever musical lead role and wow the audience with her powerful vocals.

Almost all the audiences, teared towards the ending of the musical. If you had ever watched the Taiwan Movie, "Papa, can you hear me sing?", you would actually know the story line, and for this Glass Anatomy, it is even more touching, and it really reminds me of my mother. So much of my mother. 

Well, I personally believe that it will be really great if it is aired on Father's Day, and especially if bring them to watch the musical, I'm pretty sure they would be touched, too! 

Once again, Happy Mother's Day! :) 

♥ Michelle 황현이 ♥

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