[Editorial] Time to head to the beach this summer!

Life's a
bitch beach I mean, and since it is Summer right now, how about planning a short beach getaway/beach holiday?

What can be better than wearing your favorite bikini collection and your beachwear and playing/dipping/enjoying by the sea? :)

And here are my top 5 Beaches that I would love to visit!

The Maldives

Do I need to say more? The Maldives are a top honeymoon destination in Asia. Many resorts occupy their own islands with plenty of private sand for everyone!

Boracay Island, Philippines

Powdery sand, clear water, postcard sunsets -- describing tiny Boracay Island in the Philippines without using tourism clichés is impossible. The island is the epitome of Southeast Asian paradise. You should try norkeling, diving and all other major watersports here!

To be honest, I recalled back that I was been sponsored to go there a year to two ago by the tourism board. Everything was arranged and settled and it had to be cancelled on the very last day before my trip as due to my work assignment. 

Every single time I recalled back this incident, my heart really hurts a bit, not because it was sponsored, but because I knew I had missed out all the fun with my fellow cliques. Ouch. Well, I shall head there again in the near future, hopefully!

Phuket, Thailand

Its watersports activities are top-notch, befitting an island with some of the world’s finest beaches. Patong Beach is perhaps the island’s most popular tourist haunt, owing to its easily-accessible beachfront, raucous nightlife, and cheap shopping.

Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi, Malaysia

If you are living in Singapore and have limited leave and wishes to go somewhere nearby, Langkawi will be a cool solution too though! ;)

And, this is my all-time favorite beach that I love the most and would keep on visiting whenever I can! Hehehe!

이호테우해변 (Iho Tewoo Beach), Jeju Island, South Korea

Iho Beach is conveniently located close to downtown Jeju City. The sandy, gently-sloping beach and its mix of city amenities and natural beauty make it a popular destination for tourists during the summer.

There are plenty of things for visitors to enjoy in the beach area. Visitors can rent boats to go fishing or fish off the seawall, an area known among the local fisherman for its abundance of sea smelts.

For a little exercise, take a walk by the pine trees to explore the lighthouses made in the shape of horses—both cute and functional.

Finish up the day with dinner at one of the many nearby sashimi restaurants and enjoy the gorgeous nightscape.

And, what's beach without a little camping? :D

Before I go, I just thought of showing you guys a must-go beach in South Korea during the month of July, why? Read on:

대천해수욕장 (Daecheon Beach)

보령머드축제 (Boryeong Mud Festival) (07.18.2014 ~ 07.27.2014)

Of the numerous festivals in Korea, it is the Boryeong Mud Festival that probably attracts the largest number of international visitors. 

During the festival period, tourists flock to the area to experience the beneficial properties of the Boryeong mud, and also to have lots of fun.

Fully immersed in the both the mud and the festival’s great atmosphere, visitors enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding and even swimming in the mud mega tub.

It is only limited to the dates mentioned! So don't miss it if you are in South Korea at this time! Have fun and chill! ;) 

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