Favorite Local Food

Hey ya! I have a little confession to make.. And that is... while I am trying to stay real focus on my assignments for the past hour, my brain refuses to co-operate with me and keep flashing images of food! Yes! FOOD! 
And that, I decided to compile a list of my favorite local food in Singapore to slightly satisfy my brain. Heh!

1. Chili Crab

2. Curry Fish Head

3. Laksa

4. Rojak

5. Beancurd 

These are some 5 of the food that I simply unable to resist and not to mention my favorite too! 

Can't get enough of #food? How about hover over to Myfatpocket page and click on the #Food Hashtag for all the topics related to food! I am going to stop now and get some food to restore my energy before I continue with my assignment! 

Till next time beautiful!

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