Pre-Plastic Surgery information and guildlines!

Ever thought of having plastic surgeries and/or perform any of the aesthetics' procedure in any way? Or perhaps ever wonder what your desired surgery procedure would be like?
I have recently came across this site that I find it really informative and detailed and would really be of good use to anyone that is interested to find out more about any aesthetic procedures and even plastic surgeries!
Good things are meant to be shared isn't it? :)
First link that I am sharing with you is this virtual aesthetics application.

Face Touchup


With this application, you can easily upload a photo of you and perform a virtual aesthetic procedure to let you have a better gauge of the result, and you can also schedule for a consultation appointment with Aesthetics Hub!

Next, ever wonder how a particular plastic surgery is being performed?

Animation Library:

Link here:

In this Animation Library segment, you can expect to see a detailed explanation for almost all kinds of aesthetic procedures.

And also, please do take note that it is really very important to find the right doctor for any procedures. After all, its all for your own good and future.

And please do take note of MOH approved board of aesthetics doctors. Find the list of panel of approved doctors at:

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