Make love, not hate

It really saddens me and lose faith in human beings when I read about those negative remarks and comments on our founding father current condition. I can never understand and I could not tolerate such remarks and reactions from those evil ones.

It further disgusts me when (almost all) made those remarks are from the younger generations. I did try to understand the reason behind their negative actions, but to be honest, I still really unable to figure out.

I mean, what are those people angry about? I really got no clue. Do they really know what they are doing, or just simply follows the flow of some?

Perhaps that they had forgotten the fact that Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team are the one that build our nation. Without him, do you think that Singapore will be what it is today? He dedicated his whole life building up this country, to make Singapore a successful country and even, to one of the first world countries.

If not of his efforts and hardwork, do you think we can be living in such a safe country? The land we are stepping on now, the education system and so on. Don't you think that we can travel around countries with minimum disturbances and troubles with our little red passport? How many would understand how much he and his team had gone through in order to make our lives easier and those little things that we took for granted?

Cars might be expensive, and people might be comparing with other countries, but ask yourself this question, even without owing a car in Singapore, don't you think that you can still easily travel around with the public transport systems available? You can already find yourself varies means of public transport the moment you step out of your house. If you had ever travel to other countries, how many times would you find yourself getting varies means of public transports the moment you are out? From a small island to what we have today, how many times do you appreciate those little things that is built for us?

How many times had you encounter electricity blackout and shortage of water? To be honest, I had never. Yet, people are complaining of trivial things and so on. Let me ask you, do you even dare to drink the water right from the tap without even boiling it while you are in other countries? In Singapore, I can just drink it without even boiling it, that's one of the little things people take for granted? I am just stating a few of the examples, the rest, you can think ponder over it yourself.

To the younger generations that are whining and blaming the government for all the little things that is happening in your life, do you understand the hard life our pioneer generation had to go through? My parents are one of the pioneer generation and since young, I was told on how tough their life was and how Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team built the nation up and to make life better.

My parents was there to witness when Singapore decided to be independent and to separate from our neighbor, Malaysia. My parents was there to witness the changes since the independence of Singapore and how Singapore changes from a Kampong village to high rise buildings, the Singapore currency becoming stronger and bigger, the living standards becoming better and so on.

All these changes are being ignored and disregarded by some of the younger generation, sadly. Instead of being grateful, they are making rude remarks instead. That's really saddening.

People, have a heart, he is a human too, I don't care your reasons for being unhappy with him, but please bare in mind, he is our founding father, a living human with thoughts and feelings too, someone's father, grandfather, someone's family member too. How would you feel if someone you love, especially your father, is being criticized and cursed at? Don't you feel angry and heartbreaking at the same time? Trying to make a joke out of this is not funny, really. Just step in their shoes and think. We all have parents and loved ones, we all pray for the best of them, we all wish for the best of them, isn't it? Imagine if you were the victim today, would you be devastated?

Please people, we all are born with a pure and gold heart, one that god made us up not to be heartless and ruthless. Yes, no one is perfect, we all are not perfect. If you think you are better than him, then prove it, not just commenting groundless comments and even defame him. If you are unhappy with what you are living on now, you are free to leave, what for making yourself so angry every single day the moment you open your eyes? I am sure there will be lots more other people who will be happy to take over your place.

For now, my only wish this year is to see Mr Lee Kuan Yew to recover from all his illness and sickness, and to get back his health back, and to be able to celebrate this special Jubilee year of Singapore. He should be there, and he must be there to witness this!

And to Mr Lee Kuan Yew:

Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew,

You are a man that I truly hold high respect for. Thank you for all your contributions and effort throughout all these years, I am genuinely appreciating to where I am today, the land that I am stepping on, the roof that is sheltering over me from all the rain and shine. It was really tough for you to fight and make Singapore to who she is today and we all appreciate that. All of us are grateful of all of your hard work.

Please keep fighting on and please do not ever give up! We are all praying for you to you to get well soon and recover from your sickness and illness so please do not give yourself up. You are really a strong man, you built our nation up, you made Singapore a really safe place to live on. Without you, Singapore will not be what she is today. Singapore has finally come thus far, and this Jubilee golden 50 years, all of us are waiting for you to witness and celebrate the country that you dedicated your whole life on. Please do not ever give up and we are all waiting for your good news so press on and get well soon!

Dear Lord, please heal our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, take all his sickness and sufferings away and please allow him to restore his health back and his longevity too.

Thank you Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Written by Michelle 황현이

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