Remembering our giant, our Legacy, our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Today, 23th March 2015 is probably the most heart wrenching day for almost all Singaporeans and other worldwide. At 3.18am, we loss our founding father, we loss our Legacy figure, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. We all grief at the loss of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who he and his team built Singapore up to the metropolis that it is today with his determination and persistence. 


This heart wrenching news brought tears in my eyes. I am unable to stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks upon receiving the news of the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Like many others do, I constantly prayed for the recovery of health for our founding father, and he is able to get well soon and join us in the celebration of Singapore golden Jubilee year, SG50. He fought hard for his battle, and we all know that he had tried his best, and he left us to the wings of the angel, and to reunite with his beloved wife.

It saddens me when I see and read posts sating negative remarks against Mr Lee Kuan Yew, saying nasty things about him and many more, and many of such remarks comes from the younger generation. Please do allow me to share my view and to remember this day forever as I pen down. 

No one can exactly understands his contributions towards the nation unless you experience it yourself. True enough, I had never experience any tough times and difficulties since I was born, however, my parents were of the pioneers who walk past all the changes. They are probably in the best positions to comment about the past Singapore. My parents were there to witness all the changes made towards Singapore all these while, from a tiny red dot, to a prosperous nation that we are living in now. They witnessed the transition from a kampung village, to merging and separation of Singapore and Malaysia, through the riots and to the high rise buildings, to a peace and harmony Singapore is in now. 


Since young, I was told about the history of Singapore even way before I started schooling and learned about the history facts by my parents. They told me how they survived through the hard times, working hard with Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team to slowly built up Singapore. 


If not of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, would we able to live in such a luxurious life? Would we be able to live comfortably in Singapore without fearing of shortage of water, electricity  and even shortage of food and many other technologies?  If not of his vision, would we even be successful today? No. Count your blessing to be able to live in this little tiny island. Some people are saying that we are respecting him in fear of him, fearing that something bad will happen to them should they say something not respectful. But is this the case? No. We don't fear him for any reason, but we respect him with our heart for many reasons instead. When you have genuinely understands his every actions and words, you will truly appreciate his contributions. 

I am truly respectful of him and even salute him, whether as a leader, a politician, a public figure, and even as a father of his family. Ask yourself this question, did Mr Lee Kuan Yew ever demanded and asked to be recognized for being the founding father of Singapore? Did he ever tried to claim credits for the success of the modern Singapore today? No, he did not, he was truly respected by people for his actions. 

The younger generation will never understand the life of Singapore after Singapore got her independence except the older generation did. Those riots, those racists fights, those corruptions and crimes, who cleared all the "shits"? The answer is obvious. It was indeed a hard choice to be strong enough to separate between both countries and building up almost from scratch. 

He could have jolly well ignored all these crisis going through Singapore, he could chose not to come back to Singapore to serve after his graduation and he can live in other countries, but he did not, he chose to come back, to serve Singapore for the rest of his life, and to devote his knowledge and skills to build up Singapore. If not for the welfare of Singaporeans, why would he chose to come back when he had a choice not to? 


After the independence of Singapore in 1965, Mr Lee Kuan Yew fought hard to build Singapore from the 3rd world to the first world with his vision and determination, a safe, independent and prosperous Singapore. He and his team led the pioneer generation to change to the better and to help the poor to make their life better. He enforced many changes and set up many systems from CPF board to the HDB to NS system, the welfare of citizens and many others. If not of his foresight, we will not be able to afford buying a flat to stay in, a clean water to drink on, and even have our own reservoirs, a clean and green Singapore, a safe and peaceful country and even many business opportunities.

He spent his whole life building up Singapore, he was the first Prime Minister for 31 years, and later spending the rest of his life as a member of the cabinet, and even to becoming to minister mentor. He spent his whole life for Singapore, he gave us his best asset, Singapore. Let us all appreciate this fact and carry on carrying his never give up spirit and to bring Singapore to be even better. Let us not let him down and not let his efforts gone to waste. 


He is a giant, a legend, a great politician, a part of us, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. There will not be another Lee Kuan Yew, who made us better than we are or could be. You are a legacy. Thank you Mr Lee, even when I had met you personally for a few times, you never once fail to make me feel peace and safe with you around. We will never forget your kindness and your wise words. Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew, for letting me know what it is to be like to be able to live in a safe and peaceful country, and helping us when we are in need. 

I was honored to be able to be part of it to celebrate your 91st birthday and to be able to wish you. You are like my grandfather to me and I will never forget this. You are a remarkable and respected leader that we will remember always. No words can express my respect and grief. Make you Rest In Peace. 



Let us all remember him and mourn for him. Remember the tree while you eat the fruits. Don't ever forget his contributions and every little things he had done to make Singapore a prosperous and beautiful one. He truly deserve our respect and rememberance. Thank you once again, our founding father, our legacy, our little giant, our great man that we will not have another you with us anymore. SG50 is not the same without you anymore. 


Written by Michelle 황현이

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